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July 8, 2007

And speaking of bread…


We may not be able to find plastic-free pitas, but here in the Bay Area are a whole slew of bakeries that deliver their bread fresh to grocery stores, wrapped only in paper. Here’s a list. All of these breads can be found at Berkeley Bowl, and many of them are at Whole Foods, too. Click an image to view the company’s site:


Responsible School Supplies at Guided!

I love Guided Products recycled binders & notebooks. Read my review.

Bread Workshop in Berkeley

And of course bagels are sold in bins with no wrapping at all.

I’m going to have more to say about Berkeley Bowl later, but I just had bread on my brain tonight after the pita party, and it’s nice to appreciate some nice things we can get easily without plastic. Those who live in the Bay Area are very fortunate. I don’t know if people have access to this kind of fresh bread in other parts of the country.

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