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July 22, 2007

And speaking of soy milk…


I just wanted to mention a couple of other alternatives to ready-to-drink soy milk.

Alternative #1: Buy powdered soy milk and mix it yourself. I tried this option last week. I bought bulk Giusto’s powdered soy milk from Rainbow Grocery. (Berkeley Bowl also carries it.) I mixed it up before I’d used up my carton of Wildwood soy milk. By the time I was ready to try it a few days later, the powder had separated from the liquid, and the liquid was fizzy and sour-smelling. Soy milk beer anyone? Down the sink it went.

So I figured that since powdered soy milk, once mixed, doesn’t last as long as the stuff with stabilizers and other fancy additives, I’d mix it as I needed it. For the last few mornings, I’ve mixed up a few ounces of powdered soy milk to lighten my tea. And I gotta say…


It’s chalky, just like you’d probably expect. And it separates in the tea, so you have to keep stirring it. I haven’t tried it on my cereal yet. I really don’t want to. I probably won’t.

Alternative #2: Make it yourself on the stove with whole dried soy beans. This was a suggestion from a reader. I admit, I haven’t really looked into it yet. Sounds complicated. It involves soaking and cooking and straining and making sure it doesn’t burn. It’s probably the most ecologically responsible option, but also the most time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Alternative #3: Buy a soy milk machine, like the SoyaJoy, and make it yourself. This was a suggestion from another reader. Yes, it’s a large piece of equipment with a motor and a plastic outer covering. But the interior is stainless steel. And since I go through a half gallon of soy milk every week, maybe this is the best option in the long run. I wouldn’t only be saving plastic waste, but all the rest of the packaging. I’m thinking about it. Need to do some more research.

Okay, probably I won’t write about soy milk much more. I’m getting the idea that maybe it’s not as much a problem for others as it is for me.

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It is a problem. I try to limit my dairy to cheese because it is one way I can control my sinus allergies (not eating dairy) but it's expensive and if you try to get the soy milk without sugar you pay an arm and a leg vs buying the vanilla soymilk from Costco. Plus, most people don't have a facility to recycle those aseptic containers and/or aren't willing when they do. I live in Oregon and it can be a challenge. Luckily my husband who does the dishes is a good sport and then I take care of getting them to the right facility.

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