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September 14, 2007

Weekend Discussion: 8 Random Facts


Britt Bravo of Have Fun * Do Good tagged me to participate in the 8 Random Facts About Me Meme.

At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to participate because it felt like a chain letter. But since I usually throw out a discussion question on weekends, I thought it might be fun for readers to comment with any number of random facts about themselves. If you do choose to leave a comment, please tell us at least your first name.

Okay, the rest of this post will follow the instructions for the meme. At the end is a list of blogs that I am tagging. Please know that there is absolutely no pressure to participate. If you are too busy or don’t like this kind of stuff, just ignore it.

First the rules:

1) Post these rules before you give your facts

2) List 8 random facts about yourself

3) At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them

4) Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Then the facts:

1. When I was in first grade, I wrote my first play called “Ploshin, Ploshin.” That was how I spelled “pollution.” It was about three kids, Beth, Betty, and Billy, who noticed all this litter on their street and sang an original song while picking up the trash together. We tried to perform it in my class, but I hadn’t thought up a melody for the song, so we all ended up singing something different. This was the beginning of my environmental consciousness and also love for karaoke.

2. My favorite dessert as a little kid was a tiny bit of ice cream covered in mounds of Hershey’s fudge sauce. My grandmother was the only one who let me have as much fudge sauce as I wanted. She served it in little green china bowls. When she died, the bowls were passed on to me, and I still use them for eating ice cream.

3. I have two sisters and two brothers. The youngest, David, has Down Syndrome. He lives with my parents and calls me regularly to discuss plans for his next birthday party, whether it’s a week away or a year away.

4. I met my husband Michael online, but not through a dating site.

5. I get obsessed with certain albums and play them over and over until I can’t stand listening to them anymore. One album that I doubt I’ll ever get tired of is Demon Days by the Gorillaz. I’m serious. Nothing else comes close. Not even Radiohead.

6. My first job was at McDonald’s when I was seventeen. McDonald’s was a big treat for us when I was growing up. And I confess that I still get some overwhelming cravings for double cheeseburgers once in a while, even though I know all the reasons that the mainstream beef industry sucks.

7. I’m a sucker for karaoke. Luckily, Michael is too. In fact, we had our wedding reception in a karaoke bar. We sang a duet to a version of “Suddenly Seymour,” but we changed the lyrics.

8. Try, try as I might, I can’t completely get over my obsession with Madonna.

I’m tagging:

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Hey Beth! Thanks for your great blog! I recently added you to my Fave Green Blog List on my blog as well.
Keep up the great non-plastic work!! I check your blog daily and REALLY appreciate your insight and tips. THanks again

I’m going to have to check-out the Gorrilaz. Better than Radiohead? That’s really setting the bar high!


Hmm, thanks. I did 7 random fact on my knitting blog, but I’ll try to think of something else for Make A Bag.

I am so happy to know there’s someone else who abuses music, i.e.., plays an album over and over until they don’t want to hear it again, and in my case, ever. I, too, have only one album I haven’t tired of, even after 11 years, a collection of Moroccan tribal songs recorded with no equipment other than a tape recorder in the desert in Morocco. I listen to it when I drive to & from soCalif on Hwy 5 because it puts me in a trance and because I like it.

Thanks, Beth. I’m not quite sure what to do with this, will have to think about it. But I appreciate your thinking about me. Is there a timeframe?