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Glass jars & lids: The Final Word (I hope!)

Posted By Beth Terry On October 3, 2007 @ 11:39 pm In cutlery & containers | 21 Comments

You may recall the glass jar lid saga in which I recommended cleaning the tomato stains [1] from pasta sauce jar lids with hydrogen peroxide, only to reverse that recommendation [2] a week later after discovering that the peroxide ate away at the coating inside the lids. (And yes, as you will recall, I tried other options such as vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda…)

Used pasta sauce jars are great for storing all kinds of wet and dry foods (as an alternative to plastic containers) except for the tomato smell which is impossible to remove from the lids. Since I can’t clean them out without wreaking all kinds of havoc, I’ve resorted to recycling the lids (yes, my recycling company confirms that they will be processed) and replacing them with new ones. With information provided by Scott at Least Footprint [3], I’ve been able to find lids for the two main types of pasta sauce jars on the market.

The jar on the left side of the top photo is a regular mason jar. So far, I’ve only found three brands packed in these types of jars: Classico [4], Safeway Select Verdi, and 1849 Pasta Sauce [5]. There may be others, including other store brands, but Safeway is the only big chain store that I checked. These types of lids are the easiest to find, as they are regular canning jar lids sold in most supermarkets.

The more common type of pasta sauce jar (like the one on the right in the top photo) has a 63mm twist-off lid. Per Scott’s suggestion, I was able to purchase a box of them from Kitchen Krafts [6] two weeks ago. However, when I check the web site tonight, I can no longer find them. I’ve sent an e-mail to the company. Hopefully, they will get more. I have found something that looks similar on another web site, Wholesale Supplies Plus. These are advertised as having plastisol liners. The rep at Kitchen Krafts [7] assured me that their lids were lined with rubber, not plastic. But I’m skeptical about that claim. The inside of these lids seems pretty plasticky to me.

Brands that use the 63mm twist off lid include:

I’m using these jars to store sugar, flour, couscous, baking soda, chocolate chips, and many other dry goods as well as leftovers in the fridge and freezer. Yes, you can freeze glass containers. Just make sure you allow hot jars to cool before putting in freezer and vice versa.

Because I’m not sure about the coating inside the twist off lids, I’m using these types of jars to hold dry foods that will not actually touch the lid. I’ll save the mason jars for wet foods.

This post updated 10/07/2007.

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