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October 15, 2007

It’s Blog Action Day!


Well, it is for another 4 hours here on the U.S. west coast. Today, thousands of bloggers throughout the world have agreed to post about some environmental issue. So, I thought maybe I should post something environmental too, for a change. Maybe something about… plastic?

Click here to read what other folks had on their minds regarding the state of planet Earth. This particular post is just so that Fake Plastic Fish can be counted in the Blog Action Day stats. Today’s real post, about recycling Tyvek, is coming up shortly.


Classic stainless steel bento boxes and cotton lunch bags.

I only post ads for products I use myself. Your support helps to fund my plastic-free mission.

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I work for Cox Enterprises and saw that you participated in Blog Action Day. I thought you might be interested in visiting The site details Cox’s commitment to the environment and offers tips on how anyone can become eco-friendly.

So your blog demanded that we dont leave without leaving a comment so I be more than happy to share something with you that I think you will enjoy. I am currently working with a coalition to ensure that congress sends the president a an energy bill that will drastically improve the environment. This bill will guarentee renewable energy growth and and enact the best fuel economy standard ever. Please check out

and sign the petition in order to make sure this bill gets passed!

Ohmigod. Too many blogs to read! I hope they all say basically the same thing (All your books say different things, and they just confuse people, says the fire captain to the protagonist Montag in Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”, as a reason for burning all books.) I’m depending on YOU to read them all for me and sort out what’s really going on and tell me!