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November 28, 2007

MySpace, my Blog, my Face, and my friend Red.


04/07/09 Update: Well, I’ve had this MySpace account for a year and a half, so I think I’ve given it a good shot. Didn’t work out. More annoying than helpful. So I closed it tonight. I much prefer Facebook.

Every time I talk to my friend Red about my blog, he asks me why I don’t get a MySpace page. “Feh!” I answer. “Feh!” Not because I think MySpace is a terrible thing. But because I don’t like not being able to format my site exactly the way I want it to look. And because I’ve seen so many fugly looking MySpace profiles. And because I can’t control the advertising on there.

Well, tonight I finally caved in and did it. So I don’t have a great post about plastic today because I spent all of my blogging time creating my MySpace page. It’s at Red says anyone who wants to draw an audience to their site nowadays has got to have a MySpace page. And it turns out that most of the environmental organizations that I support do have a presence on MySpace.

So if any of you are on MySpace, feel free to befriend me. I already have 10 friends after one day. And if you have suggestions for how I could make the page more appealing, I’d love to hear that too. I’m not planning on spending oodles of time on MySpace. I just want to use it as a way to get people over to this site to read about plastic.

And since I’m asking for advice, can any of you tech-savvy bloggers give me some advice about blogging software? Right now I’m using Blogger, but since I host my own domain, I can’t use a lot of the new tools that Blogger has installed. What blog software is better? Typepad? WordPress? I just want to be able to make my site more easily navigable so readers can find the specific information they’re looking for.

And finally, here’s another question to throw out to the group: Anyone have advice about plastic-free cosmetics? Marika asked me that question the other day and I really didn’t have a good solution. I confess I’m a very low maintenance girl. I put on makeup maybe once or twice per month, if that. The cosmetics I already had before I started this plastics project will probably last several more years. (Okay, I know you’re not supposed to keep cosmetics that long because of bacteria and whatnot. But honestly, I’m 42 and I haven’t gotten a terrible infection so far, so I’m not that worried.)

I do know about the Cargo Plant Love lipstick that comes in a corn-based container and whose outer carton is embedded with flower seeds. Has anyone found a good alternative for blush? Eye shadow? Liner? Mascara? And whatever else people put on their faces to look glamorous?

When I was in junior high and high school, I would begin every year religiously making up my face and styling my hair in the morning. After the first month or so, my appearance would gradually go back to its natural state. I thought it was just because I was lazy. But you know, when you’re avoiding plastic, natural is the easiest way to go! And also, you won’t have people looking at you funny when you show up to work without makeup if they rarely see you with makeup on in the first place. My co-workers make a big deal when I wear a little lip gloss and eye liner. I guess it’s kinda nice that way.


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Woman love to dress up be it a party or a workplace…good blog.

I think your blog is really quite good and interesting. I think you can go for good brands of organic cosmetics if you want plastic free makeup items. :-)

My Space is bloody awful and I can hardly bear to use it but did the same as you. Sold my blog to get the punters in. Such is life.

Don’t use makeup. If you can find wheat germ oil in a glass bottle these days let me know. That’s about all I use on my skin.

MySpace is not pleasing to look at, but I realize you are on a mission to reach as many as possible so I hope that it works out for you.

Burt’s Bees has been bought by Clorox! (OK, so Clorox is based in Our Hometown of Oakland, but still.)

So glad you mentioned the makeup issue!

I was in Whole Foods, which does have some “natural” and “hemp” cosmetics (which could mean they are made of anything, but I’ll give WF the benefit of the doubt). Only problem? Every single item contained plastic!

Ugh. So I got a metal canister of Burts Bee’s lip balm. And realized that my mascara, lip gloss and blusher days may be over forever.

This isn’t a plastic issue, but you’ve probably heard by now that many cosmetics contain lead and other harmful chemicals. But they don’t have to list their ingredients, and the FDA can’t regulate them. I learned this from an interview with Mark Schapiro, of the Center for Investigative Reporting in neighboring Berkeley, and author of “Exposed” (with a long subtitle which I’m not going to transcribe because I believe that titles should identify a book without the need for complicated subtitles.) In the interview, he does talk about the chemicals in plastics. He’s speaking tonight at the First Congregational Church… Read more »
I just started reading your blog, which is very good, and I can’t get over realizing how much plastic is in my life. I mean, I knew there was “a lot” but being conscientious of it you see it Everywhere. I took some of your advice and mailed back the plastic inner and outer sleeves of the Covergirl makeup (also in a plastic tube) that I bought recently. Then I emailed them again explaining that it would be the last time I bought their product (even though I loved it) unless they changed their packaging. I suppose I could go… Read more »

yay! you joined the other side. i already befriended you. ok that’s all i have to say until i read through the email you sent and will probably have a million questions about the hair stuff.

Oh, I forgot to say, congrats on your post on No Impact Man! How awesome that you had the opportunity to contribute to such a cool blog :)

I like your myspace page! I think you did a pretty good job working with what Myspace gives you, or maybe I should say doesn’t give you. Have you thought about making a Facebook page? You really, really wouldn’t be able to make your page look like you wanted, but these days everyone is on Facebook. In fact, your target audience is probably more likely to use Facebook. Hmmm, this makes me think that maybe I should make a page :)


Envirowoman has done some extensive searching for plastic-free cosmetics. I think one of her commenters referenced this site:

Hope this helps!

– Erin