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December 3, 2007

A Last Minute Carnival of the Green


As I mentioned in October, Carnival of the Green is a weekly collection of environmentally-focused blog posts which moves from one blog to the next each Monday. Bloggers submit posts that they’d like to see included. Tree Hugger manages the carnival, but the host for the week decides which posts make it in and how to arrange them.

Last week, the Carnival of the Green was hosted by Great Green Goods. Next week’s will be hosted by Live Green. This week’s was supposed to have been hosted by Fish Feet, but the hosts were unable to follow through, so Tree Hugger asked me to step in at the last minute. (Fake Plastic Fish wasn’t scheduled to host a Carnival of the Green until November of next year. That’s how far in advance these things are planned!)

So, with that explanation, here are this week’s Carnival of the Green entries:

My favorite submission this week comes from Mackenzie Steele of Brave New Leaf. How to Set Up a Home Recycling System is a practical guide for how to maximize the way your home recycles materials. While her blog is only a few months old, she has done some extensive research on various eco-related topics and has some great advice.

Tiffany Washko of Natural Family Living Blog writes BPA and Glass Baby Bottles – Siliskin and Wee Go about new options for using glass baby bottles to avoid Bispheol-A.

Dawn of Frugal For Life submits Unplugging to Save Money. A friend’s lesson in the power of unplugging.

Debora Silkotch of Ramblings submits O Christmas Tree. Plant a living tree!

Green Deals Daily is a site that posts video reviews of environmentally-friendly products, rating them in three categories and demonstrating how the products work. This week, they have reviewed the Soda Club Home Soda Maker, a machine that lets you make fizzy water in the comfort of your own home, thereby reducing waste and transportation, and Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags.

Sally Kneidel, PhD of Veggie Revolution submits How Chocolate Can Save The Planet. She says, “Chocolate is one crop that can be grown in the tropics without cutting down rainforests. The football-shaped cacao pods that yield chocolate grow well in the shade of standing trees. Scientists in Brazil are working hard to make shade-grown chocolate a profitable crop, so that Brazilian farmers will choose to grow it, rather than burning forests to graze livestock or raise livestock feed. Eatiing chocolate can be an excellent choice for the planet, as well as your mood and your taste buds….”

Blogger Rahmi of I Love Writing Blogs tells us about a highly recommended online used books site that funds world literacy programs and offsets the carbon generated from shipping.

Vihar Sheth at green | rising submits Coal for President about the deception of “clean coal.”

Sagar Satapathy of International Listings Blog submits a comprehensive list of ways to Greenify Your Home: 100 Tips and Resources to Make Your House Environmentally Friendly.

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