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Naughty kitties pass the test, as does our drinking water!

Posted By Beth Terry On January 15, 2008 @ 8:15 pm In pet care,water filters | 22 Comments

I was surprised how easily the kitties went into the box two weeks ago. The blue plastic box that I got from a very nice person on Freecycle. They were so quiet in there, I had to check a couple of times to make sure I hadn’t imagined putting them in. Good thing they get along with each other. We will need to get another cat carrier for when they are bigger and can’t both be stuffed into the same box. Freecycle or Craigslist. No new plastic for these cats!

So we went to the vet and got shots and blood drawn. Well, they did. I just felt their pain from a distance. And today we got the results. No toxoplasma gondii for these babies. Their poop is certified flushable, as is their litter! And pregnant women are safe in my house. Hurray! We’re still using the Swheatscoop litter, although I’m not crazy about the smell. I do sprinkle baking soda into it to absorb odors. I’ve heard that pine litter is good. But I really do want something that’s certified flushable so I don’t have to make decisions about what kind of bag to gather it in and whether to landfill it or find some way to compost.

And to anyone who thinks we are using too much water by flushing their litter, we don’t have kids. So I think we’re allowed this one. (Wow. That was a little snippy of me.)

Oh, and speaking of snippy, Arya has been destroying my legs trying to climb me like a tree. Thanks, David [1]. So I asked the vet to show me how to clip their nails, and now they’re safe for a while. Then, I went out to find my own kitty nail clippers, and guess what. They all come packaged in mondo plastic blister packs! No way! So I posted an ad on Craigslist for cat nail clippers and got one person who offered us his used clippers for free (which Michael picked up for us on Saturday) and about 10 other people who advised me to just use people nail clippers on them. So I guess I’ll try both ways and see which works better.

Oh, there was one guy who wrote back, “do not clip the cat’s nails!!! give them a scratching post, and wear long sleeves.” Um… no. They have a scratching post. I do wear long sleeves. And I am a bloody mess. They’re indoor cats. What’s wrong with a little clipping? We’ll see if I still feel this way the first time I have to do their nails myself.

Now, Look at this face. Doesn’t she look innocent? Don’t be fooled. They are rascally kitties, and I need your advice. What can I use to keep them from chewing electrical cords, eating my plants and knocking them over, and the most worrisome thing, messing with the CFL lightbulbs in table lamps? Soots in particular seems fascinated by those swirly mercury-containing time bombs.

I’ve seen the bitter sprays sold in pet shops, but of course they all come in plastic bottles. Anyone have a recipe I can make myself? I read the ingredients of one of them… rosemary, sodium bicarbonate, and water. But I couldn’t figure out the proportions and it just ended up leaving a baking soda film on my plants. Help!

Oh, and in other un-cat-related news, our water is certified drinkable right from the tap! I bought one of those Culligan test kits from Ace Hardware and found that the levels for chlorine and other contaminants was very low. I sent a sample to the lab to be tested for lead, and that one came back clean too. We are just testing so well today! So that solves our plastic water filter issues. We just don’t need one at all.

Of course, I recognize that there are those in other areas who don’t have such great water and do need a water filter. First, please have your water tested to make sure you need a filter in the first place. If you do, a water filter uses less plastic than all the bottles you might otherwise be buying. But this is why I am promoting a campaign to get North American Brita to recycle their cartridges [2]. Some people have to use a filter and shouldn’t have to toss all that plastic into a landfill. Right?

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