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January 17, 2008

Two very different Hawaii trips


This weekend, Anna C. of the blog BYOTalk and I will both be in Hawaii. I’ll be in Waikiki kicking back for a few days visiting my parents and getting my blowdryer fixed. No big deal. I’ll continue to blog while I’m away, and I’ll be back on Tuesday.

Anna, on the other hand, will be joining the crew of the Alguita oceanographic research vessel in Hilo for a month-long trip to the North Pacific Gyre to study marine debris concentrations. This is the area of the “Pacific Garbage Patch,” which I’m sure most of you have heard about by now. (If not, please read the article, Plastic Ocean.)

This will be the 8th voyage for the Alguita, and this time the crew plans to “venture further west than ever before, investigating possible concentrations North of Hawaii, and just East of the International Date Line. It may be that the areas of the North Pacific Gyre with the highest concentrations of marine debris have yet to be seen or studied.”

That quote was taken from the expedition’s blog,, which will be updated with posts and images during the coming month. I’ve posted a link to it on my sidebar, and I encourage those who are interested to track the progress of this voyage to find out just what plastic is doing to our oceans.

I have to admit, I’m really envious of Anna and the crew. I’d love to be going out there to see for myself. But in a phone conversation a few days ago, Anna told me that the seas are predicted to be very rough and the trip challenging. I’ll look forward to experiencing the journey vicariously through the blog, and I hope you will too.


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Thanks for the link, I’ll be sure to go over and visit. I saw a tv programme about the Garbage Patch and was horrified

Have fun! That ship voyage sounds fascinating, it will be great to follow along on-line.

Hey Beth, Have a great trip. Thanks for the link to the Alguita site. I’m looking forward to reading about their current journey too.

added that blog to my daily reading list. Don’t forget the Greenpeace blog for their ship Esperanza that is tailing the Japanese whaling fleet in the far south Pacific.

They have three webcams aboard as well.

Coincidentally, I read Plastic Ocean yesterday and was absolutely blown away AND sickened. Oh yeah, I’d already read about the giant garbage patch but reading the descriptions and see some photos – it just makes your heart ache. It is really important for us to get the word out about this. I’m redoubling my efforts to get plastic out of my life and otherwise cut down on my garbage. Thank you for spreading the word.

Have a great trip.

Happy Friday!