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March 11, 2008

Pulling another all-nighter, just like in college


I thought creating a Fake Plastic Fish MySpace page would make me one of the cool kids. That’s what my friend Red said, and I succumbed to peer pressure. But then I found out that that MySpace was soooo two years ago. I really needed a Beth Terry FaceBook page. So I stayed up all night creating one last night. No, it didn’t take all night to create it. But once I got started, I kinda got sucked into this vortex of applications and friends and games and quizzes and oh my lord, this could take over my whole life!

One of my FaceBook friends advises that I should not start playing a game called Scrabulous because, in her words, “it will SUCK YOU IN, MAN!” Just what I need. Another electronic diversion to suck out my soul when I should be out appreciating nature and my kittens and my poor husband, for crying out loud. I’m already addicted to mindless games of Freecell.

What do you guys think? Is FaceBook a good tool for reaching a wider audience with a green message or a good way to waste tons-o-time? And will you be my friend and give me one of these , since our cats killed the live ones we had? Oh, wait. I already have one. It’s right here. Is this stealing? For those not on FaceBook, there’s this whole weird list of things you can give people as “gifts.” But from what I can tell, they’re just pictures. And I think you have to pay for them, right? Can someone please enlighten me?

Okay, okay. Done with this idle chatter. I really do have something worthwhile things to write about, and it actually does have to do with college students. Food and Water Watch would like me to tell you about their new I Heart Tap Water Student video contest. The contest is only open to college students over 18 years old. The challenge is to produce a 30 second to 3 minute video that includes the following three elements: 1) A declaration of your love for tap water, 2) Some discussion about bottled water consumption, 3) Make the case for why your school or any campus should give up bottled water.

Want some reasons to give up bottled water? Here are a few of my posts on the subject here and here and here.

The first place winner will receive a $1,500 award, and his or her video will be featured on the Take Back the Tap website; the second place runner–up will receive a $500 prize; and the third place winner will receive a Take Back the Tap gift bag. The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges, including actor Alec Baldwin (who, IMO, rocks in 30 Rock) on Earth Day (April 22nd).


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Small talk, complex thoughts
Heyyyyy. I am totaly confused with facebook. Yes i have an account, i have myspace too. Look at me go. Full on geek here. But why do thousands of us sit at our computers sending fake cakes and alcoholic drinks to each other when we can easily pick up our mobile phones, arrange to meet at a bar, and actaully drink real drinks, eat real cake and be social like we should. We are drasticaly neglecting our tastebuds. There’s like this big race to get as many friends as you can. Jeese, go out and get a life you stupid… Read more »

Hello fake plastic fish. You should meet the escaped wallaby that is roaming the isle of man. think they would get on.

Great little blog you got here, green informative, with a sense of humour thrown in.

As for facebook, it is evil! get sucked into all the silly apps, when i’m supposed to be concentrating on my photography.Will i stop though, OOH NO, i am a killer vampire who needs feeding.

Stop reading now and get some work done!

I honestly like myspace more than facebook. Facebook gets incredibly annoying with all the applications.

The one thing about spreading word on facebook is that almost everyone I know, myself included, only accepts friend requests from people they know, or who are in their network (in my case, my high school). On myspace, this isn’t nearly as much of a problem, if one at all.

The “gifts” do cost a dollar each. It goes to charity I believe. I think you have one free one before you need to start paying though.

I need air… LOL.

lffi love your blog


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This is a great site. The company I work for just started a group to help the company be more environmentally conscious. I’ll definitely bookmark this blog!

I joined Facebook a couple of months ago because someone said it would be a good way to network, but I just don’t get it. Maybe I don’t spend enough time online to figure it all out. Updates on what I’m doing now, applications – it seems like a lot of work. So far I have mainly posted some photos and drawings.
Thanks for friending me, by the way.

I resisted facebook for ages. But now I”m sucked in. WHich is good because Suistainable Red Deer of which I am a participatnt in runs from there and allows me to share my many “green” links and other information.

Scrabble rocks. Just don’t add every application you get a request for. ANd you could/should start a Fake Plastic Fish group.!

hay not fair! not fair 2 blame us 4 evrythin. we not kill fishes. fishes just dy. fishes sleep with luca brasi! maybe big clumzy gy not feed enuf!

I am not spamming you, nor am I robot, nor do I have any questions for you, and I certainly never have trouble leaving comments, but far be it from me to leave your site, with its brilliant name, without leaving a comment, as you invite me to. Live lucky!

I have just visited your blog for the first time. How terrific!
You are a wonderfully energetic young woman!
thanks for all the info you pass on.
I will enjoy visiting your blog regularly and learning how to live more green!

i do not enjoy facebook. and i’ve found that only a handful of people i know are on it. most people i have reconnected with have been through myspace.

Beth-when you figure out the right app can you tell me? Between all the different social networks, facebook, my space, I just can’t keep up. I can’t even figure out why my music does not play automatically in on my “my space” page.

On facebook, you can go to classmates, which I started to look at and I felt like I was being sucked into another vortex of looking for all my classmates. Will this madness ever end?? Anna

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I cant swim.

Facebook advice:
Figure out which applications you want to bother with BEFORE you add them and find out they are a big pain in the brain. Most “Green” apps make me crazy, as I don’t like pictures of animated gnomes. I DO like Fight Club, though. Go figure.
Facebook is a great way to spread the word if you create a Group and Events.

I am there as Miranda Askew.
My group is Anarres Natural Health.

hey there. since i am juggling surfing and studying, i am just scrolling through your blog content. so i’d guess your blog is about going green. regarding bottled water, i guess a solution is doing it like the germans do (no, I am not from germany). we pay 15 cents extra for every bottled water purchased, and get back 15 cents per bottle when we bring them back too, hence everyone recycles willingly. As for plastic bags, I have no idea, but I’ll let you know if I do. Keep up the good work!

facebook is both good and bad, on the good side i’ve regained touch with aload of high school mates that i haven’t seen for years and it has helped me no end reach and network with others both in photography and drawing etc.
downside (up in till recently when an ignore all button was added) is wadeing through 100’s of app invites for quizes like “what pair of underpants are you?”
but i do like it