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Week 41 Results: 3.7 oz of plastic waste.

Posted By Beth Terry On March 30, 2008 @ 6:08 pm In pet care,Plastic Tally 2008-04-15,Weekly Results 2008 | 17 Comments

I am really tired. The Green Sangha Rethinking Plastics presentation, which I co-presented with friend and former chemistry teacher Solvig on Friday, took a lot of work and mental preparation during the last two weeks. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow. I think the presentation was a great success, but even though I came home and collapsed afterwards, sleeping for 12 straight hours, I’m still tired.

By the way, I am way, way behind on reading other folks’ blogs and now my in-box has 638 messages, with 213 of them unread. And these are not spam. So I apologize to my blog friends for not participating lately. It’s just that I need a secretary!

It’s ironic that some of the new plastic I’m buying (like shrink-wrapped cases of canned cat food) is a result of being so busy learning and campaigning about plastics that I don’t have time to figure out plastic-free alternatives. A couple of weeks ago, reader Jennifer [1] left a comment with a recipe to try for homemade cat food that could involve less waste than buying cans or bags if I can find a relatively easy and economical way to buy whole chickens plastic-free. She wrote: Good luck with the food… an easy way to make wet cat food yourself is to pressure cook a chicken (bones and all) with a few veggies (carrots, sweet potatoes, apples) for an hour. The bones turn to mush and are really healthy for them. Just mix and serve… makes enough for a week for one cat. .

So, I need to find a little balance among the different aspects of my life… caring for myself, and Michael, and kittens, as well as the rest of the planet. And holding down a regular job. And doing this whole plastic activist blogging and campaigning thing. I have a lot to write about and many, many ideas all jostling together in my brain, and not enough time and energy to do it all. So I may have to cut down on the number of posts per week for a while. Until I get caught up.

Or I might not. We’ll see. We’ll just see. At any rate, here’s this past week’s tally. Items used this week but purchased before the plastic project began:

  • 1 plastic membership card from the San Francisco Film Society. I have renewed my membership this year and received a brand new plastic membership card. Seems like a waste, doesn’t it? Maybe I’ll write and suggest they go back to a paper membership card, if I find the time.
  • 1 32-oz bottle Biokleen laundry soap (#2 plastic) and cap. We are using Ecover powdered laundry soap [2] right now that comes in a recycled cardboard box with a cardboard scooper. I know I could make my own laundry soap like Just Ducky [3] does. But please see above comments about time and tiredness and energy.

New plastic waste:

  • Shrink-wrap from a 24-can case of Instinct cat food. See above. And as I mentioned last time, buying the cans individually does not save plastic. The cans are shipped to the store in plastic and removed from the packaging before you buy them.

    And one more thing about cat food: I have received numerous comments with opinions about whether cats should eat wet food or dry kibble. I tend to believe those that say cats do better with wet food because it’s closer to what they would eat in the wild. Cats eat small rodents and birds. Meat, bones, water, all in one package. They don’t eat grains. How could they? Grains have to be cooked. They may eat a small amount of vegetable matter. And, according to what I’ve read, they don’t really drink water, getting their liquid from the bodies of their prey.

    Crunchy food is good for their teeth. So I have been mixing in a tiny bit of dry food with the wet this week to give them a bit of crunch. And if I can get it together to pressure cook the whole chicken, bones and all, with a few veggies, that should be perfect. I’m not going to put them on a diet of all dry food because that is how cats end up with kidney failure. And I just can’t do that to them.

  • 1 plastic salad dressing container. *Sigh* Went out to lunch after the Rethinking Plastics presentation and we made sure to choose a restaurant that uses durable plates and bowls and cutlery. I had no idea they’d put my salad dressing in a disposable plastic container.

That’s it for last week. Until Friday, I actually thought I was going to finally have a week with no plastic in the tally at all. No such luck. But that will be a good week indeed. Tomorrow, I’ll write about the plastics presentation and tell you about how it went. For right now, I’m going to take another long nap I think.

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