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April 28, 2008



Yes, I am still alive. Yes, I know I’m late with my Weekly Tally. No, I haven’t forgotten it. But I have been BUSY BUSY Bzzzzzzz!!!

Did another Rethinking Plastics presentation this morning for the Waldorf School in San Francisco. Had to edit the presentation for kids and also for the time allotted (only 30 minutes.)

Then, tonight, I presented the Brita campaign to the Northern Alameda County Sierra Club group at their meeting. Hoping they will join us.

We’re about to post a little update on Clorox and the campaign. Keep your eyes on the site. And tell everyone you know who uses Brita that we want their used cartridges!

Weekly Tally and more good plastics info coming tomorrow. I’m just totally fried.


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I had to share this immediately… I stopped at Safeway on College Ave on my way home to buy a few items. For various reasons, not one of my 3 reusable grocery bags were in the car. I checked the trunk and found an old messenger bag I could use. At the checkout, (after some snickering by frat boys behind me) the cashier happily put my items in the messenger bag and darted away for a few moments. When he returned he handed me a coupon book titled, “because you care about the environment.” I knew full well this would… Read more »

I’m anxious to hear how the phone call went. You do know the best way to catch up on sleep is to sleep with your cats in one big pile. I’m quite sure your kitties will oblige you with emitting large amounts of sleep waves.

Sounds like you have been busy. Remeber to take some time for yourself. What good is it to save the world if you don’t got time to enjoy it?

I heard this story on NPR about environmental efforts in Cairo, Egypt. (The full text is online; you don’t need to listen to it.) One bit really struck me: “… counterfeiters used to sift through garbage, take Procter & Gamble shampoo bottles, fill them with cheaper products and resell them. To get the bottles off the streets, the Cincinnati-based company agreed to fund the school and help the community learn how to recycle plastic.” Companies will do the decent thing in their own self-interest, I guess. It’s too bad that there’s not much of a problem of refilled Brita filters… Read more »

Brita has a new campaign against bottled water. While it’s a good idea, it fails to address the issue of the waste being created by the filters.

It’s another one of clorox’s jump on the green wagon because that’s what people are buying.