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June 6, 2008

A Crunchy Tribute

As many of you know, Crunchy Chicken didn’t stay retired from Blogland for long. In fact, after announcing that she was taking a break, she published a new post the very next day. But that hasn’t stopped those of us who have learned so much from her over the past year from offering a Tribute to this indefatigable woman with all her book discussions and challenges and general enviro nuttiness.

To me, the beauty of the Crunchy Chicken blog, and the value it holds in the green blogosphere, is the community of readers that have come together as a result. Deanna’s posts invite discussion and participation. Her blog is more of an online event than a personal journal, although it is that too. She doesn’t simply give her opinion of a book, she creates a book discussion group. She doesn’t simply interview an author, she solicits reader questions in advance. And don’t get me started on all the Crunchy polls.

So I’m happy to have been asked to be a part of the Crunchy Chicken Tribute, which was created by bloggers Green Bean and Arduous, and I invite you all to be a part too. If Crunchy Chicken has inspired you, please visit the tribute page and donate to Crunchy’s Goods4Girls charity which sends cloth sanitary pads to school-age girls in Africa. You can help by donating money for the cause or purchasing cloth pads from a variety of participants, including Lunapads.

(By the way, I’m personally thrilled that Lunapads wrote about my own Take Back The Filter campaign on their blog and will be sending me a new product to try out and report on. Just a little plug there.)

Anyway, we’d love to raise at least $5,000 for this inspired cause, so please leave a comment after donating or send an email to the web mistress (crunchytribute[at]gmail[dot]com) to let her know how much to add to the tally. If you have a blog, please add the badge to let others know.

After my depressed post on Friday, a cause like this makes me feel privileged to be a blogger and to be part of such a great community. I also want to, once again, thank everyone who responded to my series of agonized questions last week. I’ll write more about that next week. Probably. Well, we’ll see. I think I’m gonna take the advice of those who said they write whatever and whenever the heck they feel like it. And yoga. (Thanks, Tao.) Maybe.

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Michelle Verges
8 years 17 days ago

Glad you’re feeling chipper! And thanks for posting about the Tribute – I donated $50 bucks to the cause. It’s not much, but hopefully it will bring Crunchy closer to her goal.


8 years 18 days ago

Beth, you are spot on about Crunchy being a nutty eco wonder woman :) But I have formulated the theory that she is but 4 chickens-in-one, and I am sticking with it!

terrible person
8 years 18 days ago
Hey, did you hear that in Venice (Italy), they are giving every tourist a reusable water bottle and encouraging him or her to fill it at the city’s public fountains, which have really good water (plus, just think of what historical or literary figures might have drunk from the same fountains!) What happens in Italy is that the developed North’s garbage gets disposed of in the less-developed southern part of the country by Mafia-controlled companies, and this has recently become a big issue. Still, the bottles the Venetians are giving out are plastic. They probably don’t contain as many chemicals… Read more »
8 years 18 days ago

After checking out the blogs of Crunchy, Chili, etc., I just realized what happened to all those girls who got A’s in class and contributed all the poetry and stuff to the middle school yearbook while we boys were having fistfights and sneaking cigarettes…they grew up to start blogs!

Green Bean
8 years 18 days ago

Great post, Beth. It is so true that Crunchy’s blog creates a community, rather than just readers.