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June 10, 2008

"We can either have plastic toy sharks or real sharks, not both."

The above quote sounds almost like the tagline for this blog, doesn’t it? In fact, it is from a letter to the Monterey Bay Aquarium written by Erica Etelson, a friend of one of my Green Sangha friends. Erica visited the aquarium with her family a few months ago and was disappointed by all the plastic and other petroleum-based items for sale in the gift shop, as well as food packaging in the cafe.

Now, we’re used to seeing gift shops at zoos and museums. It’s one of the ways these places bring in cash to fund their educational work. However, the mission of the Monterey Bay Aquarium is special. Their purpose is to educate the public about the health of our oceans. They are the folks who publish the Seafood Watch sustainable seafood guides each year. And through their Center for the Future of the Oceans, they “champion policies that conserve and restore threatened marine wildlife on the California coast and in the northern Pacific,… Read the rest

June 9, 2008

Urban Compost + Recycled Potting Soil = Good Tomato Food? We’ll see…

Yesterday, I mentioned recycling the potting soil from my dead roof garden as well as harvesting the compost (finally) from my Urban Compost Tumbler to add to the dirt in the front yard where we planted tomatoes. Back in March, I whined about how the Urban Compost Tumbler was just not as great as I’d hoped it would be. I stopped filling it because it had become too heavy to actually tumble by myself, and we switched to dumping our food waste into our curbside green bin instead, to be sent away to the city’s commercial compost facility.

Feh. I’d rather we could keep our food scraps and use them ourselves. Maybe now that we have a bit of yard, we can switch to the kind of composter that sits directly on the ground. As I mentioned in the March post, we’d had great success with one of those before. (A worm bin is not an option at this time. We have no place to put one and would probably let the worms die, anyway, just like the plants.)

So okay, this… Read the rest

June 8, 2008

Week 51 Results: 4.4 oz of plastic waste

Wow. I actually got my butt outside yesterday and did some heavy non-computer related labor. Finally planted the tomato seedlings that Jennconspiracy brought me weeks ago. Hope they will live. I’ve been so tied to my desk chair that I let most of my outdoor potted plants in the roof garden sizzle and dry up. I rationalized my laziness as water conservation, which it actually was! We are officially in a drought here, and I can’t justify ornamental plants in pots on the hot roof. Also, we now have access to some ground in the front yard, so I can actually plant something useful like veggies.

I had about 20 little funerals (in my own mind) yesterday as I lugged each heavy terra cotta pot with its dead flower arrangement down to the front yard, dumped it out, hacked up the solidified potting soil with a trowel in order to reuse it, and deposited the dried up corpses into the green compost bin. I envisioned what each plant had looked like at its peak and… Read the rest

June 5, 2008

Week 50 Results: 1.1 oz of plastic waste

Finally, the tally for week ending May 31. At this point, Fake Plastic Fish is 1-1/2 weeks away from its 1-year anniversary! What will happen in year 2? That’s what I’ve been contemplating for the last few days, in between eating out with my parents, watching movies, taking walks, enjoying just being. Here’s the tally. I do have a lot more to write about, but I also have work to catch up on for my employer today, so this will be short and sweet.

The tally this week includes all new stuff: Plastic outer wrapper from a 24-pack of Instinct canned cat food. No decisions in the pet food arena yet.

Outer seal from a 1/2 pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. This is what I do with my parents when we get together: eat ice cream! Hurray! It was late at night when they arrived in the Bay Area, and all the natural grocery stores were closed, so we shopped at Safeway, and B&J was the best I could do. There will be another of these plastic seals next … Read the rest

June 2, 2008

Pizza, Ice cream, & Parents

Hanging out with my parents, who are visiting for a few days on their way back to Maryland from Hawaii. Not hiding under the covers depressed, as my previous post might suggest.

Thanks to everyone who gave such great suggestions for managing computer stress! I especially love Michelle Verges’s idea of turning the questions into a meme, and I nominate her as the first tagee!

I’ll post last week’s plastic tally soon. Thanks for putting up with my whining! … Read the rest