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June 2, 2008

Pizza, Ice cream, & Parents


Hanging out with my parents, who are visiting for a few days on their way back to Maryland from Hawaii. Not hiding under the covers depressed, as my previous post might suggest.

Thanks to everyone who gave such great suggestions for managing computer stress! I especially love Michelle Verges’s idea of turning the questions into a meme, and I nominate her as the first tagee!

I’ll post last week’s plastic tally soon. Thanks for putting up with my whining!


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Hey, has everyone heard about this new movie, called “Saving Grace”? It’s about the family of the guy who invented Bakelite, and how miserable they became. It’s the curse of plastic!

You are so inspiring! Please keep up the good work, but don’t put so much pressure on yourself! I admire your dedication.

Oh dear!! I better start working on that post, then!


Do you change your life around for your parents?

I find that when my folks visit we drive a lot, eat at restaurants I would not usually choose, buy kleenex & paper towels, all kinds of stuff. When they were here this winter we even turned up the heat.

I’m having problems balancing simple hospitality with feeling like I’m hiding our life to make people more comfortable.