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August 3, 2008

Happy Weekend, Sad Weekend

Hi all. Not feeling much like blogging about plastic because of something that happened last night. Want the happy news or the sad news first?

Happy #1: Wonderful picnic Saturday afternoon in Dolores Park, SF with other green bloggers: Green Bean, Arduous, Kale for Sale, Jennconspiracy, Car(bon)free in California. The picnic was wonderful. You can read about it on Jenn’s blog here, as I don’t have the energy to write much tonight. (Oh, but I do have to publicly confess that Jenn was right and I was wrong about the weather. I expected to freeze at 4pm in SF. She expected it to be beautiful. She was right, although I did have to put on my sweatshirt.)

Happy #2: Michael ran the SF Half Marathon this morning and came in at 1:43! Awesome. That’s 6 minutes faster than his Disneyland time in September, and SF has major hills! (BTW, he ran the FIRST half, for those who know what that means.) Michael rocks.

Sad: My little baby Arya, about whom I’ve been bitching for weeks, fell off Michael’s high shoulders yesterday afternoon onto the hard kitchen floor and broke her front leg. We’ve been crying off and on since last night. Took her to emergency vet. The break is too high up for them to stabilize the leg with splint/cast, so she needs surgery. Can’t do anything until tomorrow, so she’s on pain meds until then.

Arya spent the night in her cramped little cat carrier because we had nothing else to put her in at 1am when we finally brought her home from pet hospital. This morning, I put her in bed with me and held her and petted her while Michael was out running his 1/2 marathon. When he got home, we went out to Pet Food Express and bought her a brand new metal cage (yes, with a plastic floor.) The idea of going through the hassle to find something used on the weekend when my baby was in pain was unthinkable to me. I wanted her out of that tiny carrier and into a nice big cage where she could see and interact with us but be protected from herself and Soots (who doesn’t understand why she can’t come out and play.)

Arya’s going to have to live in that cage for several weeks until her leg heals. Right now, I think she prefers it. It makes her feel safe. When out of the cage, she wants to crawl behind the sofa to hide. But what’s going to happen as she gets better and the pain subsides, but we still can’t let her out to run around and climb on things? We’re going to have to figure out ways to entertain her so she doesn’t go stir crazy.

Oh my poor baby. I wish I could trade places. Really.

Happy #3: Oh! Not to leave you down in the dumps. I just remembered that we’re starting to get actual tomatoes on our plants. We saw two of them today. One is the size of a small plum. The other is smaller than my thumb. (I rhyme!)

Okay, back to being sad again.

25 Responses to “Happy Weekend, Sad Weekend”

  1. jennconspiracy says:

    OH! Poor poor Arya!!!

  2. SootsandArya says:

    meny meny meny thx 2 all u 4 kind werds iz vry hard 4 mee 2 write w/only 1 paw & + i iz on lotsa drugz i rly apreshiatz them i mean werds not drugz lol
    i not knoz y didnt land on feet itz violashun uv lawz uv fizzzzzziks
    enyway i hopez i cumz home today so Beth can takez care uv mee & i stay away frum Big Klumzy Guy who dropzed mee
    xxoo arya

  3. Jamie says:

    I just wanted to add my sympathies for your cat’s injury…best wishes for her surgery and a speedy recovery in her comfy new cage.

  4. Vanessa says:

    Beth, I’m so sorry for you and kitty. Seeing our pets in pain is one of the worse feelings in the world. I hope she has a speedy recovery and your heart is not so heavy through her healing process. Good luck.

  5. Robj98168 says:

    poor little arya. I know exactly how you feel. years ago I had the best little dog-a yorkie who somehow got a broken paw. I bawled like a baby in the vet hospital. It is like someone attacked and hurt one of your kids! Anyhow I was having surgery at the same time so I ended up in a cast. We lloked like pair Dog and master both in casts, when I would take him for a walk. HE eventually healed. But it was quite a time!

  6. CatMominPhilly says:

    I have spent the past 36 hours taking care of my Allegro, who has a blocked bladder/uti/crystals…..that’s what I call it even though there’s a technical term!

    We had to leave him last night at the E.R. vet, picked him up early this morning, and then took him to our regular vet this a.m. I stayed home from work to tack his urine output ALL day b/c he is on the side of not needing surgery, IF he keeps peeing. I didn’t want the poor love to have to have a catheter/surgery…For now, we may avoid it. He is on THREE kinds of meds. We were all glum drops yesterday, around my house, his sister Maddie, K. , and ME! We didn’t know what to do.

    I send you Kind Healing for Arya….And feel your pain. Literally. I would do anything for my cat….

  7. elbales says:

    Oh, no. Poor kitty, and poor you. It is so hard to have our dear companions suffering, because we can’t explain it to them. But she knows you’re taking care of her, and that makes all the difference. I hope she recovers fast.

  8. axelle says:

    Congratulations. Michael , on your speedy race. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the four of you. Call me, The Woman Who Never Sleeps, for speedy transportation service for Arya’s future vet appointments. Really.

  9. Clare K. R. Miller says:

    Oh no! Poor little kitty baby! I hope she has a speedy, comfortable recovery!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Beth, I am so sorry to hear about Arya. Face the Siamese and Sierra the calico send healing vibes from Southern Cal. I am adding you to my prayer list, Beth. Regards, JenK

  11. Cheap Like Me says:

    You poor things! And this kind of situation is just the thing convenience is made for, so enjoy her safe-haven kitty carrier. Good luck with the surgery.

  12. MamaBird says:

    SO sorry about Arya. Awoooo (sympathy howl).

  13. Lara S says:

    So sorry about Arya, I’m sure she’ll recover in no time! :)


  14. har mar says:

    aw she’ll be okay. my baby was stuck in her “house” for three whole months when she had to have BOTH her knees fixed! it sucked…she cried…i cried…we all cried but she survived. and she’s happier than ever now. if you need to talk let me know! if you need a good vet specialist let me know!! hang in there!

  15. arduous says:

    It was so great to meet you! I’m so sorry about poor Arya. :(
    Hope she gets well soon!!

  16. Beany says:

    Sorry about Arya…hope for a speedy recovery.

  17. just ducky says:

    Isn’t it amazing how these little furry creatures become part of the family and take over our hearts?

    When we rescued my boy Jack (Bichon Frise) from his yucko owner who kept him in a semi-converted pig barn and a swamp (true story)…I held him the whole car ride home and I swear he has never forgotten that! Whenever anything scary happens or when he needs snuggles…he always comes and finds me over any of the other people in the family.

    Take care of your baby…and in this particular case…screw the plastic! Arya needed comfort and safety and you provided it—end of story. Plastic or no plastic…furry creature family members undergoing trauma come first! :)

  18. agreenfire says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. I know exactly how you feel. My dog got hit by a car Sat, a week ago. It scared me to death because I thought it broke his back. Instead, he had a dislocated hip, lots of ‘road burn’ and he had to have stitches in two places on his leg.

    He is recovering, but it will be a long while before he can really put weight on that leg again.

    I know your kitty will heal and be her old self again.

    I will add your kitty to my nightly pet prayers for my dog.

    Thanks for all you do.

  19. Bobbi says:

    Sorry to hear about your kitty.:(

  20. Cave-Woman says:

    So sorry about Arya. You are a good momma, trying to make her comfortable.—Blessings during the healing process.

  21. knutty knitter says:

    Hugs and cuddles to you and Arya.

    viv in nz

  22. Jenn says:

    Ohhh…so sorry to hear about Arya. My little guy Domino broke his back leg also several years ago, no idea how…cats are like that.
    He had surgery to remove the top of the femar. He recoverd SO fast and you’d never have known he’d ever had an injury.
    I’m sure Arya will do great!

  23. Burbanmom says:

    Oh, best wishes for a speedy recovery for Arya!

  24. Lynn from says:

    I am so sorry about Arya. I saw your Tweet.

    Thank God for good care – she will be fine. Be kind to yourself – it was not your fault.

  25. Mrs Green says:

    (((HUGS))) Poor you and Arya. I’ll just share that I went through this as well. My cat got run over and trashed one hip as well as breaking her other back leg.

    Oh my, how many tears we shared, but she was alive, and, after surgery I just got on and took care of her. She was a pitiful sight, but they are such stoical creatures.

    I didn’t keep her in a cage, I just put down a load of my old jumpers – you know how they love to pad around on things that smell of you and some towels next to a litter tray on my bedroom floor and there she camped for the next few weeks.

    I would hold food to her mouth (she really couldn’t move), lift her onto her tray (then clean her gently because it would go everywhere) and settle her back down again.

    I spent weeks going home from work twice a day to tend to her needs.

    But you know, her quality of life was there the whole time, and as for the affects it had on our relationship; well that was awesome.

    Only a cat owner will get this, but it totally bonded us and I swear she just never forgot the way I looked after her – she would always comes to me if I was upset; she just knew and she’s dribble over me and purr that everything was ok (or stick her arse in my face as cats are wont to do………..).

    Anyway, she recovered, started hunting again, extracted her own steel pins (ewww) and had to go for more surgery and went onto live another 12 happy, bouncing-around-on-all-four legs existence.

    She just died from ‘old age’ last year; curled up under my hedge and went to sleep.

    Good luck Beth; I’m sure everything will be just fine……….