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Monthly Archives: August 2008

August 8, 2008

CRRA: They know how to do a conference!

As I mentioned, I had the privilege of presenting the Take Back The Filter campaign as part of a panel on zero waste grassroots activism at the conference of the California Resource Recovery Association this past Wednesday. I’ll tell you more about the presentation itself in a second. But first, I need to gush a bit about how the waste was handled at this conference, vs. the Blogher conference I attended a few weeks ago, and how easily other organizations could adopt this model for their gatherings.

Granted, CRRA is all about zero waste. It’s the whole point of the organization, after all. But so what? Just because other organizations might not cite waste reduction as their purpose for being in existence doesn’t mean they can’t make it one of their values and strive for zero waste at their gatherings. So, that said, here are a few things I saw that made me smile:

The requisite recycle/compost/trash stations throughout the … Read the rest

August 6, 2008

Arya’s Big Plastic Thing

Oh, da hoomiliashun!

Well, what can you do when little kitties just lick off the bitter lotion we put on their sutures to keep them from doing just that? Bitter! Yum Yum! Anyone need a plastic bottle of bitter lotion? My cat thinks it tastes like dessert.

At least Arya’s fur will grow back. Some cats look like this all over… on purpose.

Arya would thank you all for your nice words and wishes for her recovery, but she’s a cat and too busy trying to figure out how to get that darned lampshade off her head (and plus, she’s kinda stoned right now, the little druggie), so I will thank you all instead. Thank you so very, very much.

The CRRA Conference presentation went really well today despite my lack of sleep last night and weekend of kitty worries. Hope to write more about that and get back to my regular blogging schedule very soon. (Maybe I’ll combine plastic tallies for two weeks this coming Sunday.)

Oh! And I keep forgetting to mention… Read the rest

August 3, 2008

Happy Weekend, Sad Weekend

Hi all. Not feeling much like blogging about plastic because of something that happened last night. Want the happy news or the sad news first?

Happy #1: Wonderful picnic Saturday afternoon in Dolores Park, SF with other green bloggers: Green Bean, Arduous, Kale for Sale, Jennconspiracy, Car(bon)free in California. The picnic was wonderful. You can read about it on Jenn’s blog here, as I don’t have the energy to write much tonight. (Oh, but I do have to publicly confess that Jenn was right and I was wrong about the weather. I expected to freeze at 4pm in SF. She expected it to be beautiful. She was right, although I did have to put on my sweatshirt.)

Happy #2: Michael ran the SF Half Marathon this morning and came in at 1:43! Awesome. That’s 6 minutes faster than his Disneyland time in September, and SF has major hills! (BTW, he ran the FIRST half, for those who know what that means.) Michael rocks.

Sad: My little baby Arya, about whom I’ve… Read the rest