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September 15, 2008

Carnival of Trash #3


Hello my trash-talkin’ friends. As promised, here is the the third monthly Carnival of Trash, which was hosted last month at Mrs. Green’s My Zero Waste blog and will be hosted next month at Wiggly Wigglers The Rubbish Diet on Monday, October 13. If you’d like to contribute, please get your submissions in by the 6th.

I haven’t written a post specifically for this carnival because I figure this whole blog is about trash, but I will share one thought. As I read through these many posts dealing with the physical waste that we generate and solutions for reducing it, I am reminded of my meditation teacher a year ago who pointed at his head and said, “Remember. The real trash is in here.”

Let’s take care of our messes — both inner and outer. And so, with that thought, I’d like to share not a post of my own, but an article that was read aloud in my monthly Green Sangha group yesterday. It’s a very short, beautiful piece by Pico Iyer which appears in the September/October issue of Orion Magazine and is entitled “The Inner Climate.”

And now, bring on the Carnival!


Marguerite Manteau Rao presents Garbage Society on La Marguerite, in which she compares the throw-away culture she lives in now with the simpler, nearly waste-free days on her grandparents’ farm in France.

Rejin presents Here Today, Garbage Tomorrow posted at Urban Botany in which she argues that our efficient garbage removal system actually helps produce more waste. In her words, “…the mass production system, as it is designed, relies on the regular removal of stuff that never should have been made in the first place. For the inane reason of making space for yet more stuff.”


Jenn presents Four Ways To Compost Indoors at Tiny Choices and then follows up with NatureMill Indoor Composter: All That? analyzing the pluses and minuses of this particular method.

Deanna Caswell presents Little House in the Suburbs: Free Super Fertile Flower Beds posted at Little House in the Suburbs This post is not just about composting, but about the creative ways she goes about getting the material that goes into making her beds so rich.

Sustainable Dave presents Worm Composting – The Video posted at 365 Days of Trash, which is exactly what it sounds like!

It seems Carolyn from Juggling Frogs also has worms, and tells all about it in the very detailed and cute post, I’ve got worms!


Burbanmom presents Drawing Conclusions at Going Green about how to recycle old crayons.


The Green Office

I only post ads for products I use myself. Your support helps to fund my plastic-free mission.

Village Green presents Polyflow to keep plastics out of landfills [blog removed] posted at Long Live the Village Green, about a new method for recycling all plastics. This is definitely something I am going to have to look into. (Adding to the Fake Plastic Fish “to do” list.)

Reducing Waste

Green Bean presents Trimming My Waste Line at Green Bean Dreams, listing all the ways she’s found to reduce waste in her home in the last twelve months.

Kristen presents A Napkin Alternative posted at The Frugal Girl about using cloths instead of paper napkins. I love what she says about hanging cloths to dry each night so they don’t get gross. (Hint to a certain DH.) Not so sure about needing to wash them every day though. Read her post and see what you think.

Katy Wolk-Stanley presents Waste — Is It Inevitable? posted at The Non-Consumer Advocate, listing ways to reduce the amount of food waste we generate.


Wenchypoo presents Cheap Diesel From Trash posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket about a company that has begun generating fuel from trash.

Myscha Theriault presents Garbage Into Gold: Great Ways to Recycle Old Containers | Wise Bread posted at Wise Bread. Myscha is one of my favorite Wise Bread writers because her articles often combine the thrifty and the green.

Condo Blues presents 12 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles posted at Condo Blues.

Katie presents Plastic Bags, Endless Uses posted at A Green Fire, saying, “26 ways to reuse plastic shopping bags.” My favorite is #26, reusing them as shopping bags!

Zero Waste

Mrs Green presents Can a zero waste lifestyle save you money? posted at MY ZERO WASTE, saying, “Frugal and eco friendly can go hand in hand, as we’ve discovered on our own journey of reducing our waste.”

Condo Blues presents Zero Waste Road Trip – Can It Be Done? posted at Condo Blues, saying, “I wanted to make an upcoming road trip Zero Waste but first I had to ask myself, what the heck do they mean by Zero Waste anyway?”

Almost Mrs Average (the founder of this blog carnival) presents Life after Zero Waste Week: 6 months on posted at The Rubbish Diet, saying, “Just shows how life can change”

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of Trash. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Trash using the carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page.

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7 years 10 months ago

Hi Beth! How did I miss this until now? At any rate, thanks so much for hosting the carnival and for including my link. Great job on the compilation.

Village Green
8 years 1 month ago

Excellent collection of interesting posts! Thanks so much for doing this, Beth. Hadn’t had a chance to stop by until today to view the Carnival. We’re starting a Green Club at my school this year, with the intent of dealing with recyclable plastics. Last year we started a paper recycling program. I’m happy to report that the younger generation with whom I come in contact is very enthusiastic about making life greener.

8 years 1 month ago

Beth, I’m really interested in not purchasing new plastic, but there are some items that I think I will have a hard time finding sans-plastic. Have you ever been able to find yogurt? I eat fat free plain, nothing fancy. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen it packaged without plastic. Any suggestions?

John Costigane
8 years 1 month ago

Hi Beth,

Your carnival is a great effort with all the topics relevant to Zero Waste. Good to see familiar, and not so familiar, names and faces giving their viewpoints.

8 years 1 month ago

Hi Beth – thanks for doing this. I’m looking forward to have a good read through everyone’s contributions.

8 years 1 month ago

When people look back on wholesome, happy, healthy days on the farm, it’s not their own farm they’re looking back on. It was a grandparent’s farm, or a friend’s or a relative’s farm, and they didn’t live on it permanently. They only spent summers or holidays there, so everything was fresh and new, interesting and exciting. I am a spoilsport realist.