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Learning to Sleep

Posted By Beth Terry On September 17, 2008 @ 5:17 pm In Discussion Questions,Personal Musings | 29 Comments

Why would anyone have to learn to sleep? The body does it naturally. When the lights go down, melatonin kicks in and we get sleepy. Then, we go to bed, right? Except, in this day and age with computers and artificial light, melatonin doesn’t necessarily kick in. And when you’ve got genes like mine (father, sisters who stay up all night) the sleep deck is stacked even further against you.

Clif has ocassionally noticed the time stamp on my posts. Yeah, I am usually up until at least 2am. But lately, I’ve found myself crawling into bed past 4am and even still been up at 5:30 just when Michael is starting his day.

So I’m going to learn to sleep because I’m becoming less and less effective when I’m awake and more and more cranky with the people I care the most about. In the meantime, posts on this blog might be a bit sporadic.

But that’s okay, because I’d really like to hear from you for a change. How do you feel about plastic? Is reducing it in your life a priority? Why or why not? And if so, what steps have you taken so far? What’s the biggest challenge? And what alternatives to plastic have you found that I might not have yet?

Remember, I’m a child-free 43-year old female urbanite in the SF Bay Area using my own life as a model, so of course I haven’t addressed issues faced by those who have kids or live in the suburbs or out on the country or in places that have actual seasons or are older or younger.

What questions do you have about plastic that Fake Plastic Fish has not addressed? Please let me know.

Oh, and remember, plastic will still be an issue after this freaking election is over, no matter who wins. And it will still be an issue no matter what happens to the economy. How can we take care of the short-term without losing sight of the big picture?

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