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September 12, 2008

Plastic-free in the freezer: airtight stainless steel food containers

A very common question for Fake Plastic Fish is what to use to store food in the freezer. Until now, I didn’t have an awesome answer. As you can see, I have been reusing Michael’s old plastic cottage cheese containers. And reusing plastic bags. I wrote about all the plastic we were reusing a year ago. Certainly better to reuse what you have than toss out and buy new, right?

Except that plastic is not necessarily the best material for storing food… especially fatty or acidic food, which can cause the plastic to break down. And certainly not hot foods. So what’s a better alternative?

I’ve tried storing food in glass jars. That’s an okay solution. You can freeze glass, but you have to be very careful with it when you take it out, as it will become brittle. And glass jars are not the best shape for storing frozen foods because the neck can make removing the food difficult.

Stainless steel is great. But until last week, my only… Read the rest

September 9, 2008

Affluence: Sustaining the flow

Last night, I had a wonderful meal with some new friends who are working to create an alternative online community. We ate at Red Sea, an Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant down the street from me. As we sat before a giant communal platter of food: meats, vegetables, lentils, fish, all spread across sour injera bread, I marveled at the bounty before us and the irony that this amazing cuisine comes to us from a part of the world where the majority of citizens would be eating far less and far fewer dishes in one meal, and would certainly not have the need for a stainless steel tiffin in which to carry home leftovers.

To be able to eat until our bellies are full, to have food left over, and to feel secure that there will be more tomorrow, this is affluence. And whether we choose to overindulge or to eat simply, the fact that we have a choice is also affluence. Whether we live in a single family home or palacial estate or studio apartment, those of us who have a roof over our … Read the rest

September 8, 2008

GlassDharma makes drinking fun again!

Going plastic-free has not been a huge burden, for the most part. We’ve got awesome bulk foods stores here in the Bay Area and farmer’s markets, and most shops are happy to package purchases or leftovers in my reusable containers. But a few changes I’ve made have been actual sacrifices, and ordering iced drinks without straws was one of them. Ice hurts my teeth. Cold drinks are just so much more pleasant and fun through a straw. But I gave them up when I gave up plastic. And now, thanks to a tip from FPF reader Lisa Sharp, I am straw-free no longer!

(And yes, I’m aware there are those who will say drinking iced cold beverages is no good for the digestion in the first place, but to me, a little iced tea in the summer is a beautiful thing.)

According to GlassDharma’s web site, its drinking straws are made from the strongest glass commercially available and can be used over and over again indefinitely. I’ll admit I was a bit … Read the rest

September 7, 2008

Year 2, Week 12 Results: 1.0 oz of plastic waste. Plus questions about Sunscreen.

Just woke up from a long summer’s nap. Here’s the tally. But please stick around for a few questions afterward.

Plastic items used this week but purchased before the plastic project began: 2 filthy skanky disgusting synthetic sponges. I think I’ve gotten way more use out of them than they were ever meant to have. We still have a few more synthetic sponges in the house before switching to 100% natural sponges, wich we use for the few dishes that we hand wash. The synthetic sponges are for the more icky jobs, usually involving cats in some way.

And the new plastic waste: 1 plastic seal from around the neck of a jar of Fudge Is My Life. I think I’ve got 4 jars left from the case my dad sent. And no, I didn’t eat it all, although I could have.

Plastic packing tape from a package received this week.

Plastic from around a stainless steel container which was shipped in above package. I plan to write more about the container this week.

So,… Read the rest

September 3, 2008

Taking a little blog break

Just when all kinds of exciting things are happening, I’m feeling under the weather (physically) and need to recharge and refocus. So, I’m going to take a little blog break until next week. I know, I teased you on Sunday. Don’t worry. I have a fun post up my sleeve. But it will have to wait.

Last Monday, Ideal Bite chose the Take Back The Filter campaign for it’s Daily Bite and a few days later Grist published an article about us. Well, we doubled our petition signatures in one week! That rocks, but the extra attention also means extra work right now.

And remember the new Carnival of Trash? It started on Almost Mrs. Average’s Rubbish Diet blog in July, moved on to Mrs. Green’s My Zero Waste in August, and lands here at Fake Plastic Fish on September 15th. So I need to scramble to scare up some trashy posts. Want to contribute? Write a post (or recycle one you’ve already written) on waste: reducing, reusing, recycling,… Read the rest

September 1, 2008

Year 2, Week 11 Results: 1.0 oz of plastic waste.

Arya can has plastic? Well, after cooping you up in a cage for so long, I wish I could give you anything you want. But no, little kitty, u cant has plastic. Give it back pleeze.

Okay, here’s this week’s tally. Plastic items used this week but purchased before the plastic project began: 1 prescription bottle and cap. Finally used up. And as I’ve mentioned before, Rx bottles cannot be refilled in the state of California. Even the vet won’t reuse them.

And the new plastic waste: 1 prescription bottle and cap — Arya’s. Kitty morphine. Fun while it lasted.

Plastic tape from a package received this week. More on this tomorrow when I write about something I found to make drinking fun again. Soda, that is. Or iced tea. Okay, mai tais. Whatever. Are you curious?

It’s Labor Day, and I’m resting from labor. Bye.

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