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Speshul Anounsmint frum SootsnArya

Posted By Beth Terry On October 20, 2008 @ 9:54 pm In Expired,pet care | 15 Comments

So HAI Faek Plasstick Fishy peeplz! U all noz last week wuz our 1 yr BIRFDAY! C us sellebrating? OK Soots ur doin it rong akshully. Party hat FAIL. Ennyway Mommybeth iz anemick tonite after she donated blud. Maybe iz becuz we vampire kittehz sucks her blud at nite nyeh heh heh no not till Halloweenz. So she lets us rite post if Big Klumzy Guy will soopervize.

Mommybeth sez nao dat we iz BIG CATS not lytl kittens she will cookz us fud “frum skratch” 2 avoyd plastick rap and BPA canz & we don get dis will she skratch at our skratching post & fud will jus appeer? Y don *we* jus do skratching ourselz & cutz out midllman or midllwomin or wutever. Wao daz a lot about skratching we gess *dis* wuz a skratching post LOL. Mommybeth sez she will put up weakly plasstik tally 2morow wen she not feelz so weekly.

O hay also u allz votez 4 Obama rite rite rite?? he iz verry kool & we wud votez 4 him but we are 2 young & plus were CATZ & we triez 2 get Acorn 2 register us but they cudnt. Obamacat sez “It duzn’t matter if u are blak cat or wite cat. It duzn’t matter if u are tabby or calico or simeze. We r all catz. We all skratches at teh same post. We all nomz teh same fud. Teh thingz dat unites us r much grater den teh thingz dat dividez us.” Yay! Evrybuddy go votez 4 him kthxbai.

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