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November 17, 2008

Carnival Of The Green #154

Welcome to the 154th edition of the weekly Carnival of the Green, a collection of environmentally-focused blog posts which moves from one blog to the next each Monday and is managed by Tree Hugger.

Last week, the Carnival of the Green was hosted by Natural Collection’s ooffoo site. Next week’s is scheduled to be hosted by Environmental Survival Guide    The Tranquil Parent.

There were a lot of entries sent to me this week covering a broad spectrum of green topics. We have money managers, green moms, crafters (check out the Barbie dress made from crocheted plastic bags), guys, gals, and everyone in between. So, here are the posts in the order I received them.

Grab a cup of whatever you think appropriate, sit back, and enjoy!

Heather Levin presents How To Set Up A Community Lending Library posted at The Greenest Dollar.

GrrlScientist presents Bottomfeeder: How to Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood posted at Living the Scientific Life. [6/2012 Update: Post no longer available.]

Karen Hanrahan aka Mother Earth presents Clean Your Oven Without Losing Nose Hairs posted at Best of Mother Earth. Karen says, “What if a little elbow grease and a mighty and lovely non-toxic scouring paste could clean your oven?”

Jenn presents Karina’s post Preserving Food posted at Tiny Choices.

Joseph presents Free Reusable Tote Bag and Another Free Reusable Cloth Bag at Eco Joe’s, saying, “Two great ways to quit using plastic bags (two ways to get a reusable cloth grocery bag for free!)”

Micaela presents Skip the Plastic at the Grocery Store posted at Mindful Momma saying, “If you put your mind to it you can find many alternatives to plastic packaging in the grocery store.”

Ray presents Free Car Wash In Heavy Rain To Save Water and Money and High Gas Prices Equal Less Traffic and Carbon Pollution posted at Money Blue Book.

Louise Manning presents 2012 vegetable gardens planned for London posted at The Human Imprint.

Tim presents The $15 Water Heater Upgrade posted at, saying “Buying a new, high efficiency water heater can cost at least $500, plus installation. Being a creative and frugal guy (read: cheap) I found a way to upgrade my water heater for only $15.”

Patricia Turner presents Top 50 Green Technology Blogs posted at Green Web Hosting Blog.

Julena presents Review of Partially Organic Lavera Faces Wild Rose Moisturizing Cream posted at Organic Makeup and Skin Care.

Nichole Halsey presents Bring On the Rain (Gardens) posted at Bad Human! Don’t take chemicals from strangers!.

Chris Baskind presents Twilight Time: 3 Ways to Green Winter Lighting Needs posted at Lighter Footstep, saying, “With darker months come heftier energy bills. But greening-up your winter lighting needs can save valuable resources — and your pocketbook. Here’s how to start.”

Sally Kneidel presents Environmental education: A new necessity for healthy kids? posted at Veggie Revolution, saying “Children with more access to outdoor play have higher cognitive functioning, fewer symptoms of ADHD, and less obesity – according to a recently published study. That’s been the spark for the new “No Child Left Inside” program, which will fund environmental education in K-12 classrooms over the next 5 years.”

RecycleCindy presents Yellow Barbie Plarn Dress posted on My Recycled Bags, saying “Barbie goes green! Check out the latest in recycled doll clothing as Barbie shows off her new yellow plarn dress. Its crocheted from old recycled plastic bags into a fun doll dress. Here is the free crochet pattern.”

Millie Kay presents Organic Food: Healthy Food Ideas For The Ordinary Shoppe posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Kristjan presents Green Stocks, Investing in Wind Power Stocks, and Obama’s Renewable Energy Pledge posted at The Green Investing Blog.

9 Responses to “Carnival Of The Green #154”

  1. Al says:

    Well hosted Fake Plastic Fish :)



  2. kale for sale says:

    I have to plug GirlScientist because I’m a Bottomfeeder book groupie and I was so excited to see a review of it. A really smart review for a smart book.

  3. Never Thirst! Pat Ferraro says:

    Hello Beth.

    I just noticed your plastic fish blog on the Take Back the Filter blog site.

    I have been blogging for only a few months, but I am in awe at the volume of work you show in all your blogs. Do you ever sleep?

    I also wanted to share something I did way back in 1968 after two of Chevron’s oil tankers collided in SF Bay and dumped oil into our central water body.

    I cut my Chevron credit card into the shape of a fish and sent it back to them with a short poem:
    “When you’ve killed all the fish in the seas, you can replace them with little plastic ones like these”

    This was one of my first “Eco” responses, but I was just realizing my career with Caltrans, building freeways in LA, was a serious mistake.

    The rest is history. Here’s a recent sample from my blog, Never Thirst:

    Thanks for all your activism.

    Blessed Unrest.

    Pat Ferraro

  4. Karina says:

    Thanks for hosting this week! I love the round-up.

  5. Anarres Natural Health says:

    Toilet Paper:

    EnviroWoman wrote:

    "Finally, the TP gods smiled down upon EnviroWoman. A visit to Capers proved lucky….a single roll of Seventh Generation (100% recycled, no-chlorine bleach, 1000 sheets/1 ply) packaged in paper. But oooee the stuff was pricey, $1.39 a roll. And right next to it…paper-wrapped Main Street TP (100% recycled, 500 sheets/2 ply). Cheaper at $.89 a roll.

    She struck the TP motherlode again at Dan-d-Market. There she found April Soft (100% recycled, chlorine-bleach free, 500 sheets/2 ply, and the only one to carry the Environmental Choice logo) and EcoSoft (100% recycled, 500 sheets/2 ply) both for $.99 a roll.

    That was still all pretty pricey compared to the 30-roll plastic-packaged Scott Premium stuff at Costco at only $.56 a roll.

    So EnviroWoman started hunting janitorial supply places and finally found one (Amre Supply) that sells to the general public and that carried the same Main Street TP found at Capers but in boxes of 48 rolls, at a cost of just $.63 a roll."

    We have different brands in Canada, but I go for the single ply double rolls for a dollar. It saves on bulk on the bike trip home from the coop. Remember to look for 100% POST Consumer recycled – otherwise, it's a greenwash, as everything from wood that's not lumber is considered "recycled".

    Love & RRRevolution, Tracey

  6. Robj98168 says:

    Good to see a great list of blogs that encourage th3e enviorment- My boss doesn’t agree with my enthusiasm because I will sit here at work looking up blogs!

  7. Diana says:

    Regarding plastic-free grocery shopping, I just contacted amazonfresh, the part of that delivers groceries here in the Seattle area, and they said they would carry plastic-free products if people suggested them along with the UPC numbers. I was looking for plastic-free cheese and toilet paper and paper towels not wrapped in plastic. If anyone has any ideas, please let them know.

  8. Mother Earth aka Karen Hanrahan says:

    Lovely to be here with you Beth and all your green friends! Thank you for having me!

  9. chrisbaskind says:

    Yay! Thanks for hosting this week. We all love your site. :-)