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Saying Good-bye to Plastic-Free Cat Litter… Again!

Posted By Beth Terry On November 25, 2008 @ 11:23 pm In Expired,Letter Writing,pet care | 26 Comments

Arya loves SwheatScoop [1] cat litter. She loves to rip open the bag, spread the litter across the kitchen floor, and then lie in it and take a nap. Why confine such an awesome substance to her litter box?

Soots on the other hand, will have almost nothing to do with it. To avoid grossing you out, I provide the following black and white representation of what Soots thinks of SwheatScoop:

I wanted to love Swheatscoop [1] natural clumping, flushable cat litter. I really did. Especially because it’s the only flushable* litter that comes in a paper bag rather than plastic. Even the boxed litters have plastic bags inside.

*For those who weren’t here for the beginning of the cat litter story, we feel comfortable flushing their poop because they are indoor cats that have tested negative for toxoplasma gondii, the parasite that kills sea otters.

We tried to love it last year and failed, switching instead to World’s Best Cat Litter [2] — corn in a plastic bag — and writing a letter to the company [3] asking for different packaging in order to assuage our (my) guilt.

Looks like I’ll be following up with them soon to see how they’re coming on that packaging problem because we just can’t have Soots pooping on the floor every day. Not to mention, the SwheatScoop does not absorb odors or clump nearly as well as the World’s Best.

And yes, this post was an excuse to show you photos of bad Arya being so totally cute that all I could do was laugh as I swept up her mess on Sunday… laugh, cough, sweep, laugh, cough, sweep…

But I really will write back to World’s Best Cat Litter. Not going to start a major campaign [4] any time soon, but maybe those who wrote before want to join me in following up?

Here’s the contact info:

GPC Pet Products
1600 Oregon Street
Muscatine , IA 52761

Email contact form: http://www.worldsbestcatlitter.com/Contact/default.aspx [5]

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