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A Teaser, a Contest, an Announcement, & Year 2, Week 22 Results: 1.0 oz of plastic waste.

Posted By Beth Terry On November 16, 2008 @ 8:23 pm In Contests and Giveaways,Plastic Tally 2008-12-15,water filters,Weekly Results 2008 | 24 Comments

Like last week, I have a bunch of business before the tally.

Teaser: Brita’s going to take back and recycle their pitcher filter cartridges!

[1]I received a phone call on Friday (while hanging out at the SF Green Festival) from Drew McGowan, Brita brand manager, alerting me that Brita will indeed begin taking back and recycling pitcher filters beginning in January!

He sent me a copy of the full press release with details, but I’ve promised not to reveal specifics until Tuesday. What I will tell you is that they seem to have incorporated almost all the elements of our petition in coming up with a solution that keeps jobs here in the U.S. and doesn’t rely on shipping the plastic off to China.

Please visit our Take Back The Filter campaign web page [2] on Tuesday for full details of the program. And you can stop sending us your filters. Hooray! Hold onto them until January, when you’ll be able to send them in directly for recycling.

Now… we just have to work on Pur and all the other water filter companies…

Contest: What’s wrong with this picture?

This is the waste station at the SF Green Festival this weekend: bins for garbage (landfill), compost (the green bin), recycling, and liquids. It’s typical of all the stations throughout the event, and there’s one thing that doesn’t seem right about it. Can you tell what it is? I’ll be posting about the Green Festival on Wednesday or Thursday and will discuss this issue. The person who guesses correctly will receive a copy of the Toolbox for Sustainable City Living: A Do-It-Ourselves Guide [3],iconby Scott Kellogg and Stacy Pettigrew. If there is more than one correct answer, I’ll choose randomly.

Announcements: A Carnival and a Conference Call

Come back tomorrow for the 154th Carnival of the Green [4] hosted right here on Fake Plastic Fish.

Then, this Thursday, November 20: Pandora’s Plastic Box – A Conference Call For All.

Healthy Child Healthy World [5] will be hosting the first in a monthly series of conference calls on health and environmental issues. This Thursday, the theme is plastic:

Join us for an open, non-judgmental conversation about plastics (we all have our Achilles’ Heel). Janelle from Healthy Child Healthy World will be giving a quick background on the issue; Jennifer from The Smart Mama [6] will share her Journey to Glass; Jeremiah from ZRecs will talk about assessing the risks and benefits of plastics, and how bloggers can influence corporate behavior and affect change in the marketplace; and Beth from Fake Plastic Fish will discuss the impacts on the environment and living without.

I hope many of you will be able to join in the call to listen and discuss! Here’s the call info:

When: November 20, 10am PST
Dial: (218) 339-3600
Access Code: 1036416#

The Tally:

Plastic items used this week but acquired before the plastic project began:

  • 1 more dirty, scrungy, chewed up synthetic sponge. At the point they start falling apart and little pieces of plastic sponge wash down the drain, it’s time to put them to rest.

New plastic waste:

  • 1 plastic pizza thingie from the previous week. FPF reader Froghair [7] took issue with my statement last week that planned to return this thing to the pizzeria and ask them to reuse it. She wrote [8], “Pardon my skepticism, but do you really think the pizza place is just going to pop that plastic thingie back in their bin and reuse it? Frankly, I hope not, because that’s got to be a health code infraction, even if it is washed.” She’s probably right. So, into Plastic Purgatory it goes, and I will just have to be more conscientious about remembering to request no plastic in the middle of my pizza!
  • 1 plastic RX bottle and cap. From Kaiser. We can’t return them to be refilled here.
  • Wrapper from a Kaiser plastic pill cutter. My doctor gave it to me. I wouldn’t normally have accepted it. And in fact, when the pharmacist has tried to give me a plastic pill cutter in the past, I’ve refused, saying that I’m perfectly capable of cutting a pill with a sharp knife. But when my doctor and I decided that I need only be taking 1/4 of the sleeping pill I use occasionally, I realized a knife was not going to do it. The pills are very small. I really don’t think I can cut them into quarters with a kitchen knife without ending up with a powdery mess. So I accepted this chunk of plastic and its wrapper with a sigh. We do what we can and then…


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