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December 9, 2008

Contest Winner. Year 2, Week 25 Results: 1.4 oz of plastic waste.


Wow. Is it Tuesday already? Busy, busy week. And not much time for blogging. I was surprised that so many people knew that Icon is the name of Madonna’s fan club. And then I remembered Google. Right. How many of you actually knew the answer to last week’s question without looking it up?

So anyway, Kim is the winner because she answered correctly first. So Kim, please email me your contact info and mailing address. I have some questions for you.

And now, the tally…

Plastic used up this week that was purchased before the plastic project began:

  • 1 Sicilia lemon juice bottle and cap. This is the last plastic-bottled lemon juice in the house! Used medicinally for the last couple of weeks. Fresh lemons only here on out.

New plastic waste:

  • 1 plastic envelope window. Financial West Group statement. They do not yet offer online statements.
  • 1 codeine cough syrup bottle & cap. Was good while it lasted.
  • 1 plastic soy sauce cup. Had sushi with our karaoke Sunday night. The food came on durable trays, but the soy sauce was served in little plastic cups. Noticed too late to refuse the cup beforehand. But the karaoke was great fun and left no plastic waste!

This week is busy, but I do have a couple of posts in me… more plastic-free bloggers to write about as well as the Day Without A Bag campaign. Stay tuned…

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Beth, Lemon Juice is available in glass: I found a 1 liter bottle of USDA Organic "Italian Volcano Lemon Juice" at Costco and bought it: it's quite good and even the CAP is metal (recyclable!). Of course, fresh lemons are always better (mostly because they don't require as much fossil fuel to transport as italian lemon juice!) and you can compost the peels, but if you have to have bottled lemon juice, it's a pretty good alternative.

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