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December 31, 2008

Skoy Cloth Winners & One Reporter’s Plastic-free Week


While you guys are all are out whooping it up tonight, I’ll be here in the office printing out reports and closing my company’s financial year. Such is the life of a Fake Plastic Fish whose alternate identity is Intrepid CFO. But don’t let thoughts of me plugging along spoil your fun. Bang some pots and pans and kiss someone for me at midnight. (I do hope to be home before midnight, but we’ll see…)

In plastic-free news, Trine Tsouderos from the Chicago Tribune decided to try and live without plastic for a week. She called me and Plastic-free Posse member Katrina for advice and quoted us in her article. Read about her plastic-free experiment here and leave comments if you’d like. She’s been getting some rough comments from readers who doubt that plastic is a problem in the first place.

And now, here are the random winners of the Skoy Happy Holidays Giveaway. (To ensure that this contest was completely fair, I used the Random Integer Generator at to choose the commenters.)

And the winners are…

Sarah (sf)


Get 15% off at Guided!

I love Guided Products recycled binders & notebooks. Read my review.

Please contact me with your mailing address.

Happy New Year. I plan a more thoughtful analysis of 2008 and hopes for 2009 tomorrow.

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7 years 9 months ago

Happy New Year Beth! I received the Skoy cloths today (or rather I had it picked up from my mailbox today). Thank you.

I must have missed your review of them the first time around…they are fabulous! I’m now a fan.

Lara S.
7 years 9 months ago
Hi Beth, Happy New Year!! I read the article you liked and I didn’t enjoy reading it, I felt dissapointed… If you’d like to read my comments about it, the link is Maybe I was a bit harsh, I don’t know… I e-mailed Trine the comments and she answered that she had researched a lot before starting. She also said that many people felt inspired to reduce plastic use because of her article; if that’s right then those people are very different from me. My best wishes for your 2009. I’ll translate for you (from spanish) some green new… Read more »
7 years 9 months ago

also, have you come across this yet?
Saw it on tv and got excited then skeptical but I've read a few reviews of it and it looks like it's worth it. I know it's new plastic, but it seems like it's worth it to save all the plastic of new blades. What do you think, as the plastic expert?

7 years 9 months ago

The plastic industry has done a great job convincing people that plastic is innocent and harmless and necessary. The comments in that article were so ignorant of the real problems with plastic…[sigh] Sooner or later it will come out in the mainstream media and these people will know.

7 years 9 months ago

I was really inspired by all of the different plastic reduction changes people wrote about during your contest! I hadn't given it any thought 'til you asked.

Thanks & Happy New Year!