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January 19, 2009

Aloha! Year 2, Week 31 Results: .1 oz of plastic waste.

Here’s my plastic waste for this week. See it?

This is the view from my parents’ lanai. Have a closer look…

My personal plastic purchases include 3 plastic stickers from some cotton pants and the tag hangers. However, I am staying with my parents this week and eating their food, which means that plastic is involved. I’m avoiding the single-use disposables and frozen convenience foods, but that’s all I’m going to say on the subject. If my dad wants to add a comment here, he’s welcome to!

Saturday, we attempted to pay a visit to the sea turtles.

What we found were powerful high waves

And a turtle-free beach

A few seconds later, one of those powerful waves slapped my butt and soaked me from the waist down.

We’re having a great time!

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Fake Plastic Fish
7 years 19 days ago

Ambrosia Farms — I believe Walmart is claiming their detergent is green is because it’s concentrated, so it comes in smaller bottles and requires less plastic (as well as fuel for shipping.) But it’s not zero plastic, is it?

Cindy24 — Lowering consumption is the answer to so many problems, isn’t it? Do you think people will continue to buy less when the economy improves? (Or is that an oxymoron? I really don’t know.)

Thanks to everyone for wishing me well on my trip. I’m back and ready to blog about a whole lot more!

ambrosia farms
7 years 19 days ago

since you are well entrenched in this issue, please tell me why this is "green" – it is an article on WAL MART with a photo showing only plastic laundry detergent bottles on the shelf. They are the bulkiest plastic on the market!

I do not understand where all those plastic laundry detergent bottles go? I agree with your cause where plastic does not biodegrade nor would we want it to since it is so toxic, so how are these concentrated laundry detergent bottles a good thing?

7 years 20 days ago

Interesting article in LA Times today re trash declining because people and buying less. I like your ideas about the plastic free travel.,0,5995857.story

EcoLabel Fundraising
7 years 21 days ago

I laughed when I read, “I’m staying at my parents so I have to eat there food, etc…

I struggle going to my in-laws where they use plastic, disposable cups to drink everything. Odd, huh? My parents burn thru plastic water bottles at their house like crazy!

So, that comment hit home for me…thanks for the smile!


mother earth aka karen hanrahan
7 years 21 days ago

these are great pics of you beth

7 years 23 days ago

Be careful of those waves, Beth.,,1173640,00.html

7 years 24 days ago

Wise choice not to mention plastic packaging while being a guest. I figure it evens out: we serve people waste-free food when they’re at our house, and they serve us whatever makes them happy when we’re at theirs.

7 years 24 days ago

You are the cutest thing ever!

7 years 24 days ago

looks like you’re having fun while still trying to be plastic conscious…you go girl!

Green Bean
7 years 25 days ago

So glad you guys are having fun! Wish that were me in the waves.

7 years 25 days ago

I forgot you were in Hawaii when that pic of you was taken and therefore couldn’t understand why you were laughing and smiling while wet. I was thinking you were here in Berkeley/Oakland where you wouldn’t be laughing at all if that had happened (and where there are no big, crashing waves).

7 years 25 days ago

Bummer about the turtles beth. Just wanted to let youknow I got my to-go ware this weekend And I laready love it! In fact I am having some leftover Veggie Fried Rice and Sweet and Sour Chicken for my lunch tonight. THe Bamboo fork takes a tad getting used to, but I am fine with it. Thanks for the discount!

Green Resolutions
7 years 25 days ago

Sorry you didn’t get to see the turtles. Glad you’re having fun!

And let me tell you, these pictures of your plastic waste really bring the point home. These stickers are things that I haven’t thought twice about in the past.