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Monthly Archives: January 2009

January 8, 2009

Year 2, Week 29 Results: 3.0 oz of plastic waste.

This will be a quick one. Trying to fit a million activities into this week and not much time to post here. But I have a lot of info to write about in the coming weeks, so please bear with me!

All my plastic waste for last week was new. BalanceIt bottle, cap, & scoops. This is the supplement I buy to add to my homemade cat food. This bottle lasted a little over two months. Compare this to the 21 cans and plastic shrink wrap we were going through each week, and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a much better alternative. And the kitties still love the homemade food as much as they did in October. For the past two weeks, I’ve substituted cooked pumpkin for the sweet potato, since we had a pumpkin in our house that needed to be used in some way, and they seem to like it just as much. Pumpkin does make for a wetter food.

Plastic packing tape & shipping label pocket from the shipment of new BalanceIt supplement. I ordered four bottles this time to… Read the rest

January 5, 2009

Do you ever get embarrassed?

On Friday, I was happy to hang out with a journalist who is writing a book on plastic and wanted to know what it’s like to try and live plastic-free. So we had lunch together and chatted, and then she followed me to the butcher shop where I take my stainless steel pot to buy chicken for my cats. At some point after I’d handed the butcher my container, she asked if I ever get embarrassed. I guess she was referring to my being the only customer bringing my own container and asking for this kind of special service.

My flippant answer was, “No. Once I turned 40, I stopped being embarrassed.” And while I do believe that with age and experience many of us give up worrying so much about the opinions of strangers, there is always a certain amount of discomfort inherent in being the first to do anything. We want to know we’re not alone. We want to feel assured that someone else has had the same or similar ideas as us and that while our choices may… Read the rest