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I believe…

Posted By Beth Terry On February 8, 2009 @ 10:18 pm In Personal Musings | 13 Comments

… that I don’t always have the right answers.

This month’s Green Mom’s Carnival [1] topic (which will be published tomorrow on The Smart Mama blog [2]) is “I believe.” Once again, I’m struggling with the theme because when it comes down to it, I recognize that whatever beliefs I hold are merely thoughts in my own head which are subject to revision at any time. So, with that qualification, here is a list of what I believe as I sit here at my computer tonight.

I believe that each of our individual actions ripples out and affects the rest of the world. We are not separate from each other or the rest of the universe, so why should we think what we do doesn’t matter?

I believe in the power of the Internet to spread ideas, both creative and destructive, and that each of us is responsible for the content we send into Cyberspace (blog posts, comments, emails, etc.) as well as what we choose to take in.

I believe that one woman tallying her plastic waste each week and recording her personal struggles to live lightly on the planet can be an inspiration to others trying to do the same thing. But ten bloggers or a hundred or a thousand writing about living with less plastic can inspire exponentially. I believe I’d like more of you to join up!

I believe that plastic represents both the best of human ingenuity and the worst of human arrogance and that the arrogance of our disposable culture could be our downfall if we don’t stop to care for all the materials that pass through our hands.

I believe I could be proven wrong about plastic, and that there are no perfect answers, and that sometimes I contradict myself. I believe my perfect imperfections are just part of being human.

I believe more and more in getting off the computer and out into the world. I believe that the 1,020 email message in my in-box will have to wait until tomorrow because I have a husband and kitties to hang out with and dinner to make.

What do you believe?

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