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Do you have an Eco Confession?

Posted By Beth Terry On March 11, 2009 @ 8:00 am In Humor,Personal Musings | 53 Comments

We did a terrible thing yesterday and will now be stripped of our official green membership card. Actually, Michael did it. But he wouldn’t have if I hadn’t begged him to.

We turned up the thermostat on our hot water heater.

Icebergs will melt and polar bears will be stranded because I couldn’t handle one more luke warm shower. This morning, standing in the steamy heat while my skin turned red and blistered, I thought, “How can something that feels so good be so wrong?” And then I started belting out Like A Virgin.

My mom would totally understand. Here’s a picture of her in Hawaii recently when the temp dropped to a frigid 70 degrees F!

This post has nothing to do with plastic but everything to do with questions about how willing we are to make personal sacrifices to care for the wider world outside our own skins. And my skin was screaming for heat.

Fake Plastic Fish readers sometimes make little comments about how they could never be like me in the plastic department. In fact, one of them who will be rooming with me at the Blogher Conference wondered if she’d measure up as my roommate.

She was just joking. I think.

Because what’s easy for me may not be for others. And what sucks for others might be no sweat for me. Washing my hair with baking soda to avoid a plastic shampoo bottle and to save money? No problem. Doing it in tepid water? Forget about it!

In my defense (because, you know, I’m all about being defensive) I don’t shower every day. So I rationalize that my long, hot showers (Did I mention that they’re long?) should really be considered as several day’s worth. Still, I wonder what Crunchy Domestic Goddess [1] would think (she doesn’t shower every day either), just as Lisa Sharp [2] wonders what I would think when she buys plastic.

What are your eco sins, children? Please confess. I think we can all use a bit of absolution once in a while. On the other hand, if there really is someone out there without eco sin, please go ahead and cast your stones. I can take it — as long as I can be warm. And as long as we can all have a good laugh at the end of the day.

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