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March 27, 2009

Ice Cream Cones Are Green…


That’s the title of my latest post on, which lists some very simple (to me, anyway) steps people can take to start reducing waste. Please check it out and leave a comment if you’d like:

And speaking of Blogher, are any of you going to the conference this summer? If so, please, please, please click on over to Blogher and VOTE for a Green Bloggers Meetup. We only have 8 votes so far and will probably need many more, and soon, in order to get a “Room of our Own.”

IMPORTANT: You must be logged in to the Blogher site in order to see the links at the top of the post to click to indicate you would attend. Simply leaving a comment will not count your vote.

Oh, and one final non-Blogher related item: The reader who won the Lunchbots Duo, Old Dog, has not responded with his/her mailing address. Old Dog, you have one more chance. Please email me. I’ll wait until Sunday night and then draw another name if I don’t hear from you.

Have a great weekend everyone. I have another dental appointment this morning and will have a numb mouth for the rest of the day. Numb until the Novacaine wears off. After that… it’s up to my friend Ibuprofen. I wonder if I’ll get another foot massage.


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I have nevr understood why they dont make bowls out of ice cream cone material. Seems to me it would solve a big problem

Martin at Plasticless

At some of the touristy spots that I have visited in recent years, people have this ridiculous habit of getting a big plastic dish of ice cream and toppings with a cone stuck on the top :(

Monkeyjen, maybe they were printed on recycled hemp paper. But prolly not. I hear you. But then again, think of all my emissions caused by my computer use. My “green” blog is blowing smog, right? Contradictions.

Ummm… I hat to say it… but Ice cream cones are Brown. Very interesting the history of the cone But no matter what your opinion of the cone(where it came from etc) it is
The first zero waste food handling product!
But only in Berkley would you find a “green Cone.

A cone is definitely the better way to eat any kind of frozen dessert. You go much more slowly than with a spoon and cup and enjoy it more. Of course, you can’t get hot fudge sauce on a cone, and hot fudge is very good. But eating ice cream from a cone is like kissing. Well, kissing someone with very cold lips. Which I suppose is like embracing someone with very cold hands. Anyway, this makes me want to take my Mom out for ice cream. In cones. And on my way back through Boston, maybe I’ll get some… Read more »

Totally unrelated comment – has everyone heard of this?

Well anyway, I totally support this and the idea behind it – but as I write this – there people are on street corners handing out flyers and stickers! I have an idea, for arbor day I’ll just run of a case of flyers on how we should save the trees! What do you guys and Beth think? Maybe I’m out of line. My coworker said maybe it was the most effective way to get people to participate. I’m dubious.

I was on there yesterday and voted for it. Hopefully it will happen. I am excited about the whole blogher experience. I’ve had a blog for a couple of years, but I’ve only recently really gotten into “blogging.” I’m looking forward to learning lots and lots!