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Year 2, Week 41 Results: 14.7 oz of plastic waste

Posted By Beth Terry On March 30, 2009 @ 8:00 am In Plastic Tally 2009-04-15,Weekly Results 2009 | 18 Comments

As you can see, I never found a taker for those 16 American Idol DVDs [1]. Did anyone actually think I would? Here’s the full tally for last week:

Plastic purchased before the plastic project began:

  • 16 2007 American Idol DVDs. What was I thinking when I burned the full season of American Idol onto DVDs? Did I really think I would ever watch it again? What a waste of polycarbonate. I can’t even remember who was on the show 2 years ago. But OMG I have 5 words for this season:

    Adam Lambert Ring of Fire [2].

    Can I get an “Amen”? Still, while love may be a burning thing that makes a fiery ring, the only place I’ll be burning Adam’s performances is into my own brain.

  • Melted plastic pot lid knob. I discussed this tragic event [3] in detail a few days ago. Turns out the whole pot is pretty much hosed as well. There are black streaks actually burned into the stainless steel bottom, and I’m afraid to continue using it. *Sigh* Visiting my friends Jen and Red this weekend, I noticed their set of completely plastic-free pots and pans. They are Calphalon stainless steel cookware [4] with glass/stainless lids. I think I’m in love.

And now, the new plastic waste:

  • BalanceIt homemade cat food supplement bottle, cap, & scoops. This bottle lasted about 2-1/2 months and is the only plastic involved in feeding Soots and Arya these days. Umm… except for the occasional yummy plastic snack [5]. Video coming soon.
  • Foam insert from new bottle of BalanceIt supplement.
  • Piece of packing tape from delivery of GlassDharma straws. David at GlassDharma sent me a few more glass straws. The only plastic included was this tiny piece of tape which included the short note, “Sorry” + sad face. It’s okay. I know he’ll switch to non-plastic tape once he uses up his current stash. Right? :-)
  • Plastic envelope windows from Charles Schwab, Discover, & Financial West Group. The Schwab mailer was a notice that my account is closing. Should get only one more from them. The Discover envelopes were promotional. Need to call and request no more mail. Can’t do anything about FWG right now.
  • Plastic cover from Valley Yellow Pages. I have emailed them to request no more deliveries. Haven’t heard back yet. Need to follow up.
  • The infamous Bio-plastic mailer cover from Financial West Group [6]. The majority of you thought I should include it in the tally, so here it is.

Half of the plastic cover is on its way to FPF reader Radical Garbage Man for inclusion in fun science experiments and espionage. The other half is here:

We’ll see as the weeks go by what my own experiment reveals about this “biodegradable plastic.”


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