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Plastic-Free SoapNuts from LaundryTree

Posted By Beth Terry On April 10, 2009 @ 7:00 am In cleaning products,Plastic Packaging | 81 Comments

Put on your fuzzy slippers. Grab a mug of cocoa. Sit back, and let me tell you a little story about why it’s worth it for us to ask for what we want. There’s free stuff at the end, so hang in with me.

Have you ever done your laundry with soapnuts or been curious to find out how they work? Soapnuts grow on a tree called Sapindus mukorossi [1] (Chinese Soapberry) and contain saponin [2], a natural surfactant which foams just like soap. I’ve wanted to try soapnuts since I first spotted them in a natural grocery store a couple of years ago but have always been deterred by the plastic in the packaging. Although they are imported, the idea of using a laundry soap that contains only one, minimally-processed natural ingredient (the soapnuts are harvested, de-seeded, and sun-dried) appealed to me.

So last month, when the bloggers at Tiny Choices announced a LaundryTree soapnuts giveaway [3], I was pretty excited. Excited, that is, until I clicked on the site and saw the soapnuts packaging. Looked like plastic bags to me.

Not one to give up so easily, I left a comment asking what the packaging was made from. I wanted to be sure. Jenn at Tiny Choices forwarded my comment to Lisa at LaundryTree [4], who responded to me right away and asked for helping de-plasticking her packaging.

Less than one month later, LaundryTree has already switched to recycled paper bags! Check out the sample I received in the mail:

The natural kraft paper bags contain 40% recycled content and are lined with a minimal amount of PLA [5] (to keep the soapnuts fresh) which makes the bags fully compostable or recyclable.

I am so impressed with a business owner that listens to her customers and responds so quickly. Isn’t this the kind of business we’d all like to support?

Of course, the packaging would be irrelevant if the soapnuts themselves didn’t work. So before writing this post, I of course tried them out. And actually, I could just send you over to the Tiny Choices review of soapnuts [6] because their review is very similar to what I’m about to write here. They even linked to the same Wikipedia page. But to spare you the extra clicks, I’ll go ahead and write my own glowing review.

Soapnuts only release their saponin in warm or hot water. I wash in cold to save energy. But never fear, there is an easy solution. Mix up a batch of Soapnuts Soak [7] by bringing a pot of water to a boil, removing it from the heat, tossing in 6-8 soapnuts, and letting them sit covered over night. In the morning, strain into a couple of glass jars. The used soapnuts can go in the compost. Use 1/4 to 1/2 cup per laundry load.

By the way, I’ve noticed that another major distributor of soapnuts is now selling a liquid version in plastic bottles. Look how easy it is to make without the plastic. Easy as boiling water. Of course, if you’re like me and forget about pots on the stove [8], this procedure might not be as easy as it is for most. Still, I can deal. Because one batch of Soapnut Soak will do at least 8 loads of laundry. And check out the web site for all the other uses for Soapnuts Soak [7].

Now, I’ll be honest. Soapnuts smell pretty darned funky. In fact, when I poured some out on the carpet this morning to take a picture, Soots and Arya went just a little nutty sniffing them. So, as you can imagine, I was skeptical about how my laundry would smell. LaundryTree promises that our clothes will not end up smelling like the soapnuts.

So, after adding the Soapnut Soak to my cold water load of light colors, and watching in amazement at the amount of foamy bubbles produced, I felt compelled to sniff every item as it came out of the washing machine. And you know what? They just smelled clean. Fresh. That’s the only way I can describe the scent. It was nothing like the smell of the soapnuts.

Some people prefer to add scent to their laundry, and to that end, LaundryTree sells a variety of essential oils. For me, the oils were completely unnecessary. I like my clean to smell like clean.

So, would you like to try them? LaundryTree has kindly offered to provide sample bags of soapnuts (the size of the small cloth pouch in the photo) to 10 lucky winners. Each winner will receive two bags: one to keep and one to share with a friend. Here are my contest rules, which I am making up on the spot:

NOTE: The soapnuts contest is over and winners have been announced here [9].

1) Leave a comment below. Since I wrote a letter to Planet Earth [10] yesterday, and since Planet Earth was kind enough to respond [11], please add your two cents. What would you say to Planet Earth if you had the chance? Make it as long or short as you want. Planet Earth has all the time in the world.

2) Please leave a way for me to contact you. If you have a blog, you can leave the URL of your blog. If not, you can email me [12] directly with your email address. But you must leave a comment here first!

Why am I requiring contact info this time? Because I don’t want to have to chase after your butts if you win and then don’t check back and then I have to choose someone else. Feh. Let’s just get it right the first time!

Want your soapnuts right away? Lisa is offering Fake Plastic Fish readers a 15% discount through April 20. Use the discount code FAKEPLASTICFISH when you place your order. Lisa is still using up her supply of plastic bags, but if you use that code, you’ll not only receive a discount, but you can be assured that your soapnuts will be packaged in paper.

Oh, and one more thing. Soapnuts come in various sized bags, so order the largest size you’ll use to avoid unnecessary waste. Paper and PLA, as you know, have their eco consequences too.

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