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Last Wednesday, at Oakland’s Earth Expo, I asked attendees to fill out green pledge cards vowing to give up some plastic from their lives. Those who pledged were entered in a random drawing for a gift basket, containing all kinds of less-plastic goodies: ChicoBag, reusable water bottle, & bamboo cutlery donated by Whole Foods Oakland; cloth produce bag donated by Green Sangha; LunchBots containers; GlassDharma straw; LaundryTree soapnuts; Ecology Center membership, all donated by those respective companies.

And the winner is: MagdaLena Koper!

Many people took the pledge on Wednesday, and I thought it would be nice to share their responses here. Would you like to take the pledge too? Please leave a comment below. I’ll come up with a small surprise gift for one lucky online winner.

To do my part to spare our oceans from plastic pollution and take responsibility for plastic waste, I pledge to replace the following plastic items(s) with a healthy reusable alternative. (Please indicate what plastic item(s) you will give up and what you’ll replace it/them with, if applicable.)

Maura: Bring shopping totes. Reuse produce bags.

Chris: Forego plastic drinking bottles. Keep informing people through Baba’s Green Tips [1]. Use plastic detritus in shrine art.

Kelly: Give up detergent in plastic bottles.

Sadie: Replace laundry soap with natural products.

Calvin: Get rid of Tupperware; use glass containers for storage.

Lesley: Give up plastic baggies.

Kenyatta: I will give up plastic silverware and plates.

Joyce: Be conscious of packaging. Buy based on packaging. No more bottled water. No more plastic bags.

Giselle: I already got rid of all plastic containers, bottles, and plastic junk. I pledge to try the LaundryTree!

Anastasia: I will bring reusable containers to restaurants for leftovers.

Drew: Use canvas bags for groceries. Reusable water bottle.

Diamond: To use less water bottles, I will refill them more.

Lucia: I pledge to give up plastic and get educated.

Sharon: Use cotton bags.

Kathy: Give up plastic bags.

Leslie: Give up plastic to-go cups. Promise to always have my mug!

Elizabeth: Give up plastic container for lunch plates.

Erin: Give up plastic bags and plastic bottles.

Arman: I pledge to use canvas bags when I shop at grocery stores.

Amy & Zadie: We pledge to bring our own water bottle everywhere!

Kimlan: Continue to use cloth bags and own cutlery & chopsticks as well as Eco Canteen for water.

Ahmir: My lunch bags.

Mary: Give up plastic bags.

Jason: I will use a refillable water container.

Liza: Purchase low waste items and use reusable bags.

Kathryn: Give up plastic grocery bags and six pack rings.

Camoni: Give up plastic bags.

Margaret: Carry reusable bags all the time. No plastic bags EVER.

Tiffany: I pledge to not use plastic bags.

Maryann: Give up plastic juice bottles!

Jane: Cloth grocery bags. Buy in bulk. No individual containers. Brita instead of bottled H2O.

Joyce: Give up plastic water bottles.

Simmie: I do recycle bags and plastic water bottles.

Tom: Give up trinket boxes and water bottles.

Magda: Use corn starch utensils and sugar cane bio plates and containers.

What ideas do you have? Please take the pledge and leave your answer in the comments.

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