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Year 2, Week 44 Results: 1.2 oz of plastic waste & LaundryTree Winners!

Posted By Beth Terry On April 20, 2009 @ 1:16 am In Contests and Giveaways,Electronics,Plastic Tally 2009-05-15,Weekly Results 2009 | 20 Comments

Well, it was a plastic-filled week, as you can see. Please read through to the bottom of this post to find out the winners of the LaundryTree soapnuts giveaway [1]!

The tally for last week included all new plastic waste:

  • 6 plastic baggies from purchase of new Canon PowerShot SD780 IS camera. I had to replace the camera that was swiped [2] on Wednesday. Normally, if I lose or break a plastic item, I’ll wait and try to find it used or ask myself if I really need it in the first place. But with no camera, I can’t do this blog. It’s that simple. I replaced my camera the same day I lost it.

    That doesn’t mean I didn’t care about the plastic. First of all, I chose the smallest camera I could find. Check it out. This thing is the size of a credit card and will easily fit in my pocket. (I took this photo with my cell phone and had to doctor it in Photoshop to make it as sharp as it is.)

    The camera comes in a small cardboard box with molded paper dividers. No Styrofoam or hard plastic. Unfortunately, each component is protected by its own plastic baggie: camera, battery, battery charger, cables, and even the wrist strap. But compared to the overpackaging of many electronics, I feel like I did pretty well.

  • Plastic clamshell from new SD memory card for my camera. This clamshell is smaller than many I’ve seen. But perhaps I could have found an SD card with zero plastic packaging. Amazon.com offers one with almost none [3], but how eco-friendly is it to ship from Amazon?
  • Packing tape from 3 packages delivered this week. I am trying to request that vendors switch to paper tape. It doesn’t always work out.
  • 1 plastic envelope window. Financial West Group. I also got some credit card promos, but I returned them to the sender with a note requesting no more junk mail.
  • Plastic wine stopper from a bottle of Da Vinci Pinot Grigio. Won’t buy this wine again.
  • Bits of plastic tape from gift wrapping. These were gifts that I bought for others and therefore, should have been in control of the plastic. Unfortunately, the store clerk had wrapped them in paper and taped them up before I realized what was happening.
  • Plastic “Initial Here” sticker attached to some bank forms I had to fill out this week. How did we ever fill out forms before these little plastic stickers were invented?

Well, that’s the tally. And now for the LaundryTree Winners!

1) Joules
2) Laura [4]
3) Jennifer [5]
4) Quiet Little Life [6]
5) Erika [7]
6) Sarah
7) MaryLinda
8) Mindful Momma [8]
9) Harry
10) Mrs. Bell

Congratulations! If you have won, please contact me [9] with your mailing address.

If you didn’t win, I plan to have another (little) giveaway on Earth Day. Please check back.

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