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April 27, 2009

Year 2, Week 45 Results: .2 oz of plastic waste

I’m crunched for time today. Working on computer issues at work (remotely) and computer issues at home. So here’s the quick tally for the week. I worked on something special this weekend. Some of my Facebook and Twitter friends have already seen it. I’ll post it here tomorrow.

Oh, and Mrs. Bell … you are a LaundryTree winner. I posted a comment on your blog. I need you to email me your mailing address.

Here’s the tally. Plastic acquired before the plastic project began:

  • Plastic baggie around an old obsolete instruction manual. Found while organizing my bookshelf.

And here’s the new plastic waste:

  • Plastic cling wrap. Oh, this stuff is the worst! I was in downtown San Francisco and ordered a sandwich at a deli I’d never been to before. I handed them my stainless steel LunchBot container and asked for my sandwich to be placed inside it. Then, I stopped paying attention. Of course, when I got the sandwich back, it was wrapped in paper, which was wrapped in plastic cling wrap, inside my container. Sometimes, you have to S.P.E.L.L. I.T. O.U.T.
  • Plastic envelope window. A payment from BlogHer for my little guest editing gig. I should ask them if they do direct deposit or Paypal.
  • Plastic label from a pair of pants I bought in January. Somehow I missed this one.
  • Plastic packing tape from a delivery of GlassDharma straws. I know David will switch to paper tape when he’s used up the plastic. Why do I keep getting these straws? To give them away, of course!

That’s it. If you haven’t entered the Earth Day Less Plastic Pledge Giveaway, there is still time.

And if you just want to have some mindless educational fun (mindless AND educational?), check out this U.S. States online puzzle. It’ll hook you!