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May 27, 2009

Is it True?


Got back from Santa Cruz and have been going non-stop ever since. Have some really cool plans for Fake Plastic Fish and no time to execute any of them this week. Don’t even have time to post any of your guest posts! Gotta run. In the mean time, how about taking a few minutes to think about (and comment on, if you want) the following question:

Is there one main reason/excuse/explanation you tell yourself to get out of doing things that seem like a challenge? (A couple of mine, for example, are that I’m too tired or that I have too much to do. See above. *Smile*) And then ask yourself sincerely, “Is it true?”


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Even though I rarely back down froma challenge- there are some challenges that I plain flat out won’t do (in the case of the diva cup challenge cannot do) I learn from challenges that’s why I do them. But sometimes I groan I can’t do that and don’t.

Every thing is a process.

Change takes time.

As soon as circumstances change, then I will change.


That all may be true.

My excuse is “I can’t save the world.” Hard as I try I know I can only do my part so if I’m not cleaning up after every Tom, Dick and Harry and shouting trying to educate that is my excuse. Most people when I do try to educate are very receptive! :)

“too tired”. no, it’s not true. i’m just lazy. too lazy to even capitalize. *sigh*

My excuses are usually other things I also need to do–kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t sort of situation. If I make dinner instead of write, my excuse is that I feel making meals from scratch is important (for multiple reasons). But if I choose to have cereal for dinner instead, my excuse is that I needed to get some writing done. Are these excuses or explanations? Does an excuse cease to be an excuse if it’s valid? Or is that the very definition of an excuse? What I really need to work on is… Read more »
Being tired is an excuse I use a lot myself, and often it is quite true (but sometimes it isn’t). Being busy is a huge one for me, because there is a lot I would like to do if only I had the time. I often find myself asking why I should spend my time on a certain activity when there are countless other activities I would like to spend that time on. There is a lot of “world saving” I am aching to do, but I have to keep reminding myself that paying the bills must take priority.

My main excuse for everything is my kids. It is sort of true, sometimes. But it is also alarmingly easy, which tells me that I could do better.