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Convenience is a Luxury: A Guest Post from Linda Anderson

Posted By Beth Terry On June 3, 2009 @ 8:00 am In Interviews and Guest Posts | 15 Comments

The following is a guest post by Linda Anderson, author of the blog, Citizen Green. Linda recently joined the Show Your Plastic Trash Challenge [1]. Here’s her tally [2]. Inspired by Laura Zilverberg’s post, Waste Is A Luxury [3], Linda explains that convenience is also a luxury.

Thirty years ago I lived in Brazil and experienced the same sort of culture shock that Laura Zilverberg spoke of in her guest post on FPF, May 13. My wake up moment came when our maid was looking for a cleaning rag in the rag bag. Yes we had a maid, it was expected of the affluent. At 25 years old, I did not even know I was affluent. Julia, the maid, found a discarded manʼs shirt in the rag bag. I had put it there to be a rag, but only after I cut the buttons off to save for sewing repairs. I did not cut the threads of the buttons, I cut the fabric so that everywhere there had been a button, there was a little diamond shaped hole. Julia wanted the shirt, with holes, for her father.

She took the shirt home and somehow repaired it into a perfectly good shirt. I was so ashamed at how wasteful I had been. Also, I was surprised at how the poor people used every container that I threw away. Plastic butter tubs or any other container went to waste in the trash. People picked it out and took it home. At the market, there were no plastic bags (there are now). The veggies that you bought were wrapped in newspaper and stuffed in your reusable shopping bag. That year in Brazil taught me a lot about life in the US.

Laura said “Luxury is a waste.” How true! I would like to add that convenience is a luxury which is a waste. As I look for ways to cut back plastic waste and as I write about it in my own blog, I see that most of it is all about convenience. I have decided that convenience and being green do not coexist well.

In the US, we are all about convenience. That is why we have so many disposable products – like razors, lighters, containers, That is why we have so much packaging – like individually packaged servings of snacks. That is why we have so much fast food. Everything must be convenient so it can be fast. To become greener, we must take the time to live without so many conveniences. They are a shortcut to what? More time that we cram more work or activities into? More money so we can buy more conveniences?

Itʼs not worth it when all that waste goes to the landfill or litters our oceans.

Linda’s most recent post, You Don’t Need to Buy Bottled Tea! [4] illustrates just one of the many unnecessary conveniences polluting our world.

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