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June 11, 2009

Future Weather: Environmental Finalist for Netflix FIND Your Voice Contest needs your votes!

Back in April, I interviewed green filmmaker Jenny Deller about her current project, Future Weather, a coming of age film that deals with both personal as well as environmental crises. This month, we all have an opportunity to view and vote on a representative clip based on the project in the Netflix Find Your Voice film competition.

Visit this link if you’re unable to view the video here.

What I love so much about this short clip is the poetic connection of internal childhood angst with external environmental destruction. Do neglect of our children and neglect of the planet stem from the same emotional source? And is the deep need for parental love the same urge we have for connection with mother earth? Perhaps if we can get to the root of these human emotions, we can find our way back home on a global scale.

This clip seems very simple at first. Deceptively simple. See what happens as you watch.

I am just so impressed with what Jenny has created and would love to see her win this competition and receive the much-needed funds to continue filming. Please watch the clip and, if you are as moved as I am, give the film the highest star rating you feel it deserves. (I gave 5 stars.) Then use the tools provided to share the video with others. The competition is very steep. Please help this film get made.

You can also join the Future Weather Facebook cause and follow Jenny’s blog, the Future Weather Report.

One Response to “Future Weather: Environmental Finalist for Netflix FIND Your Voice Contest needs your votes!”

  1. Lisa Sharp says:

    I voted, joined them on facebook, added the blog and I posted asking people to vote on facebook. :)