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July 2, 2009

Time is Running Out for 2 Causes I Care About!

This month I’ve asked you guys to participate in two quick and painless campaigns to help out some worthwhile projects and organizations. This is the final stretch. The Netflix Find Your Voice Contest ends Sunday at 3AM ET (Voting extended due to Netflix error! Future Weather has dropped to second place! Please continue to vote and spread the word!) and our $1 for Charity drive ends this coming Wednesday. Please take a minute to help out if you haven’t already.

Help Jenny Deller’s environmental feature film Future Weather win the Netflix competition and receive the help she needs to get the film made.

Jenny is not only making an environmental film, but she’s trying to run her production as greenly as possible. Read my interview with Jenny Deller here. Read more about the Netflix competition here. And please vote 5 stars for Future Weather here.

Even if you’ve already voted via the Netflix web site, you can vote a second time through the Facebook app. Both votes will be counted. Please also vote here:

Time Is Running Out to Spend a Buck for Charity

7/08/09 UPDATE: The poll and donation drive is over. The winning organizations are Water for People and Sustainable Harvest. A total of $643 was raised. Thanks for voting and contributing!

Thanks to everyone who has reached into their pocket and kicked-in $1. Hundreds of you have responded (many with more than a dollar) as eleven environmental websites team up to make the world a better place. Together, we’re supporting some great organizations. And you get to help choose the two from this list which will receive 100 percent of the collected donations:

Please take a moment to look these organizations over. Pick your favorite, then go to my $1 for Charity Page and vote with your dollar. You can also donate directly through PayPal to this address:

Summer is a lean time for charities

The summer months are always tough for charitable organizations: People are busy, discretionary funds get diverted to well-deserved vacations, and economic times are hard. To be honest, donations have slowed since our initial call, and we’re playing catch-up to meet our goals.

We’d love to present the winning charities with meaningful checks. So would you please consider donating right now? Deadline is Wednesday, July 8th. Each of these charities matter, and every dollar counts.

Share both messages with others!

You can multiply your Netflix vote and your $1 donation by passing the messages along to others. Twitter about them; email the article to friends; post it on StumbleUpon or your favorite social media service. There’s still time to help!

Thank you, thank you. I promise that once Pledge Week is over, we’ll go back to our regularly scheduled uninterrupted programming. :-)

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Fake Plastic Fish
6 years 4 months ago

Hi Emily. I hear you. But did you get that the kid was actually talking to her mom? To me, the point is much more subtle and complex than it actually appears on the surface.

Lisa Sharp
6 years 4 months ago

I voted for the movie and donated.

I hope you guys are able to get a lot of money!!

6 years 4 months ago

Sorry Beth, I thought 'future weather' had some rough edges that needed to be worked out. I did not rate it favorably.
I am a big supporter of the message but I think public opinion is fragile and that it's best to bring someone around to understanding with facts and images (like the movie King Corn) and like you do. The straight preaching and anger thing, I think turns people off in a hurry I'd even think something too rough could hurt the cause. I hope a better moviemaker decides to take on this cause.