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August 12, 2009

Announcing: School Binder Winners!


Well, I’m leaving for another vacation. This time to Hawaii for a week to help my parents pack up all their crap to move (collecting crap runs in the family.)

Before I go, I want to announce the winners of the school binder give-away:

Guided Products has been kind enough to offer 3 sets of Back to School kits. The winners of the ReBinder School Kits are:

Amanda (you sent me your email address)
Lynn Blevins

The winner of the Naked Binders is:

Natural Mama

And the winner of my old plastic binders is:

Axelle (because she lives near me and can come pick them up!)

Could the winners please email their mailing addresses?

And check back tomorrow because if I can get my act together, I have a new give-away planned.

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