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November 2, 2009

New Fake Plastic Fish Discussion Board Is Up!


As you may have noticed, I added a new menu bar last week with links to nowhere. Those links represent my hopes and dreams for this web site and are a motivation for me to create the missing pages sooner than later!

Well, the “Discuss” link went live last night. It’s a brand new discussion board for us, who are trying to reduce the amount of plastic in the world, to ask questions, post interesting articles and links, offer suggestions, drum up support for actions and campaigns, or just vent the frustration we sometimes feel when confronted with unnecessary plastic crap.

The discussion board is up and ready to use. And several Fake Plastic Fish readers have already shared a rant and a question. amidalailama is a member who emailed me privately about ways to freeze vegetables and fruits for the winter without zip lock bags. Since I live in an area where we don’t actually have real winters and therefore don’t do much freezing of that sort, I suggested that she put the question to the community. If you have suggestions, please visit the board and let her know what you think.

A simple registration procedure is required before you can post. This helps me control spammers, flamers, and people whose sole purpose is to disrupt the conversation. But be assured that just as with the comments here, respectful disagreement is fine, but direct attacks on individuals is not.


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Today, I’ll be continuing to add features to the discussion area to allow users to subscribe to topics, post images and video, and all sorts of other cool things. But right now, it’s up and usable. So please use it!

I plan to post my own questions on the board as they arise because even after two years, I still have a lot to learn.

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Packing Supplies | Packaging Supplier
6 years 11 months ago

To be honest, I think extremity in any form hurts a cause more than helps it. And that’s why I’ve been intrigued to read Fake Plastic Fish’s back and forth discussion with a plastics industry insider. Both of them have presented their arguments rationally and without finger-pointing, and surprisingly, they believe many of the same things. This kind of discussion gets me excited because I think it’s through this kind of finding-a-common-ground dialogue that real progress can be made.

Best Regards,

6 years 11 months ago


Congratulations! We are so lucky to have you to move things and create these wonderful tools to help us share thoughts in our efforts to reduce the plastic that surrounds us!


Lisa @ Retro Housewife Goes Green
6 years 11 months ago

This is awesome other than I see myself spending to much time on it hehe.

6 years 11 months ago

Hi Beth,

Fantastic to see the Discussion Board up and running. This is a fine addition to your website and I am sure will be a big success.

With the dangers of plastic eg BPA, in the news, consumers can get up to date information to help purchasing decisions.

6 years 11 months ago

Woohoo. Way to go Beth in making dreams turn into reality. Off to visit the discussion board now.
.-= Green Bean´s last blog ..WHY? =-.

6 years 11 months ago