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Recycling Windshield Wiper Blades

Posted By Beth Terry On May 9, 2010 @ 10:13 pm In Blog Carnivals,Expired,travel and transportation | 11 Comments

06/03/2010: At long last, here is the REAL post about recycling windshield wiper blades [1].

So, here’s the deal.  I was going to post a review of recyclable silicone windshield wiper blades today.  The company sent me a set try out.  As many of you know, I don’t have a car, so I planned to test out the blades on my friend’s car.   Unfortunately, I waited until yesterday to open the package and discovered that the company had sent me the wrong ones.  (This is what can happen when you wait until the last minute.)  The blades they sent did work on my friend’s car, but they are not the “green” ones in the eco-friendly packaging that can be returned for recycling.

So who cares? you might be thinking.  Why tell us this today? Couldn’t you just ask the company to send the right blades and post a review later?  Well, chickadees, I will do that.  But sadly, I had promised today’s post as my contribution to the Green Moms Carnival on transportation, held today at Big Green Purse [2], and the link was put up on that site in advance so that Diane, the host, could leave town for a month-long trip, so basically it’s too late to change anything.

*Big Sigh*

So go check out the transportation carnival [2].  The Green Moms are pissed about oil spills and gas guzzling cars and have a lot more important things to talk about than windshield wiper blades.  I’ll still review the wiper blades in a future post.  For today, I’ll recycle some transportation-themed posts from last year.  I researched the heck out of them, so why not go for a second round?  Seriously.  They’re all kinds of awesome.

Eco-Driving is great. But how about less driving in the first place? [3]

Out of the Seat and Onto Our Feet. But is Walking Really Plastic-Free?

Buses and Trains. Going on a Power Trip. [4]

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And, also? I gotta tell you about my new Translink card which will save many, many plastic bus and train tickets, as well as my new Bike Link card that will allow me to store my bike securely at the BART station. But sadly, those too are posts for another day.

Anyway, why are you all sitting at your computers? It’s Spring! Bike to Work Day is this week! Get out and use your feet or pedals. Winter will be here before you know it!

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