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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Plastic Thing in the Middle of the Pizza

Posted By Beth Terry On May 25, 2010 @ 12:23 pm In Plastic Packaging,Restaurants | 39 Comments

You know what I’m talking about. It looks like patio furniture for little tiny people. But it’s not.

package saver little plastic thing in the middle of the pizza

It’s officially called a package saver [1], or a pizza lid support [2], and it’s meant to keep the cheese from sticking to the top of the pizza box, although others might disagree [3]:

_your_face: I thought there was some crazy mechanical trick of pizza, that if you pierced just three slices, it would keep the whole sucker together. The idea that they don’t hold the pizza together at all, and is just a tiny table….makes me want to change my major =[

Raziel66: That’s so sad…. I never realized that’s what they were for.

kahoona: They also stabilize the cheese.

draculacalled: You’re all wrong. They are to restrain the pizza from struggling; as pizzas are shipped live.

energythief: They are also there to provide a surface for the toppings to play cards while the lid is closed and in transit. It’s like Toy Story, but greasier and hotter.

Call me heartless, but I really don’t care if my pizza gets to play cards while in transit. So I’ve developed the habit of requesting, “no little plastic thingie in the middle of my pizza,” and in all these years of living without plastic, not once has the cheese stuck to the top of the box. Not, that is, until yesterday.

pizza delivered without the little plastic thing in the middle

Wouldn’t you know the one time I decided to write about refusing the little plastic pizza thingie would be the one time I’d get a pizza with stuck cheese. But is stuck cheese really the worst thing in the world?

Think about it this way… whether you call it a package saver or a pizza saver, it’s a non-biodegradable plastic peegie meant to save a single-use cardboard package (compostable) or a single use cheesy pizza (digestible). We’re using an object meant to last thousands of years to protect something meant to be eliminated within hours. And to protect it from what? Not spoilage but cosmetic imperfection. It’s plastic surgery for food!

Well, if you want your pizza to hold together, there is a plastic-free way to do it (besides making pizza at home, which is probably the best way of all). As Fake Plastic Fish reader Sarah commented two years ago [4]:

Our local pizza joint uses a blob of bread dough baked in the middle of the pizza instead. The only down side is the kids fighting over who gets to eat it!

Item #5,264 on Beth’s To Do List: Call Pizza Rustica — NOT during the rush — and suggest they switch from little plastic Barbie tables to fat, kid-friendly dough balls.  Everybody wins.

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