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June 21, 2010

Green Moms Carnival: A Day In Their Lives

Green Moms CarnivalAs I mentioned in my previous post, the theme of the Green Moms Carnival for June is “A Day in the Life,” and since I came up with this exercise, I get to play host.  Please enjoy reading these posts from some of the funniest women in town.  Whether they are groaning about unexpected setbacks or rejoicing in their good fortune, these women are awesome role models and friends, and I thought they deserved awards for taking on the challenge.  So here they are:

Suckiest Day: In the Condo Blues post “My No Impact Day Sucked,” Lisa considers important questions about staying green in the midst of a power outage.

Most Caffeinated Teacher: Katy Farber from Non-Toxic Kids talks about the triumphs and challenges she faces as a mom, as well as how much coffee she drinks in order to function, in her post, “A Day in the (trying to be greener) Life.”

Best Reason for Buying a Bike: Amber Strocel’s post, “A Day in My Green-ish Life,” reveals that she not only takes the most beautiful farmers market photos ever, but that her reasons for making decisions extend beyond environmental impact.

Most Likely to Make You Feel Inadequate: And I mean that in the nicest way.  Take this moment to moment ride through the busiest day of Erin Peters’s week in her Conscious Shopper post, “My Big Jobs Day.”

Most Articulate Newborn: Only 3 months old, and already Joshua Daniel is writing blog posts.  In “A Day in Joshua’s Life,” he takes us hour by hour through the day spent with his mom Abbie on the blog Our Country Baby.

Best Excuse for Working in Your Jammies: Okay, Karen doesn’t actually say she works in her jammies.  I’m reading between the lines.  Or projecting.  She does, however, save money and resources by working at home, and her post “A Day in the Life of Best of Mother Earth” shows us what that looks like.

Most Disfunctional Relationship: Robbie from Going Green Mama confesses that she lives in her car.  In her post, “Driving Me Nuts: My Daily Routine,” she bemoans the fact that she has to drive so much and wishes her car didn’t run her life.

Most Appropriate Place for a Margarita: Kellie Brown is involved in a lot of community environmental activities, and she’s instilling these values into her children.  Still, sometimes she’d like to relax with a cold one and watch from the sidelines.  Find out where in her post, “A Day in the Life.”

Greenest Fantasy Life: In her post, “A Day in the Life of a Suburban Greenmom,” Jennifer from The Green Phonebooth describes how she starts the day with granola, walks her kids to school, rides her bike to work, visits the farmers market for lunch, advocates for a waste-free work place, walks the children home, cooks a homemade vegetarian dinner, and gets her kids to bed without a fuss.  And if you believe that, she has a solar system to sell you.

Best Way to MultiTask: Mary Hunt from In Women We Trust took the train to work and spent her day putting together binders while taking in some pretty inspirational messages. (Better than episodes of LOST, for sure.) Read about her day in her post, “A Day in a Green(er) Life.”

Biggest “Duh!” Moment: Blogger Crunchy Chicken didn’t think her day was particularly green, until she started listing out all the green steps she took that day.  In her post, “Green Day: A Day in the Life of a Crunchy Chicken,” she wakes up to the fact that using cloth wipes instead of toilet paper is pretty damned green.

Cutest Pictures of Dirty Kids: Tiffany from Nature Moms Blog didn’t think her post was particularly exciting, but I beg to differ.  What’s not to love about colorful photos of kids in mud?  Seriously.  Have a look at her post, “Weekending.”

Best Alt-Beverage for Your Klean Kanteen: Lynn from OrganicMania had a trying day full of great intentions foiled at every turn.  But she finds relief in the form of a bottled beverage enjoyed surreptitiously at her kids’ Cub Scout picnic.  Learn what it was in her post, “A Day in the Life: When Advocating for Green is Easier than Being Green.”

Yummiest Looking Mac & Cheese Photo: Lisa from Retro Housewife Goes Green spent the weekend at a sustainability conference with her mom and ate a lot of organic food.  Her mac & cheese photo is making me hungry.  Right. Now.  Check it out in her post, “My Green Weekend.”

Least Hygienic: My own post, “A Day in the Life of a Plastic-Free Blogger” might leave you thinking I stink because I forgot to mention any of my personal hygiene rituals. But I’ve already talked about dental hygiene and deodorant and hair washing (which I would have done if it were a shower day) and using bar soap on this blog, so if you just assumed I took care of business in that department, you would be right.

And that’s it!  What did I learn from putting together this carnival?  Well, whether we’re old or young, parents or not, we all have to eat breakfast.

What did you learn?

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6 years 3 months ago

Hi! I’m new to your blog and to the carnival, but I read (nearly) all the posts above with interest.

I was struck by how many people said with chagrin that they weren’t very green; that they were trying but had a lot of changes to make still; that even though they try hard, sometimes they slip up. It made me wonder if there will ever be a point when a person is “green enough.”

I wish there were targets: one green star for electricity usage of X amount, two green stars for water use of Y amount, etc.

6 years 3 months ago

Hi Jennifer. I think a big part of the problem is the infrastructure of our society that makes it very hard for individuals to be as green as they would like to be. It’s when we reach limits (for example, communities planned so that you have to drive everywhere or stores that only carry products packaged in plastic) that we have to advocate for bigger changes.

6 years 3 months ago

Beth, you really cracked me up with the way you wrote these intros! And your idea for hosting was brilliant – I really felt like I got to know everyone so much better! There are a few new contributors too – I’m excited to read their posts!

Thanks so much for your great idea and for hosting!

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6 years 3 months ago

Beth, what an excellent way to intro each post, I want to take my time and read them all!

6 years 3 months ago

Beth — thanks for hosting all of us – this topic was a really great idea. Monday is officially my work in my pajama’s day – and yet other days could be too!!