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May 2010 Plastic Waste Tally

Posted By Beth Terry On June 1, 2010 @ 12:41 pm In Monthly Results 2010 | 10 Comments

5.3 oz Plastic Waste [3.5 oz new/1.8 oz acquired prior to June 2007]

Beth's plastic waste - May 2010 [1]

I’ve had very little sleep in the last few days, so this post is going to be short and sweet.  Here’s the plastic collection tally for the month of May.

Beth’s May plastic waste collection

Plastic purchased before June 15 2007 and used up in the last month (1.8 oz):

  • Plastic bag found stashed in the back of a closet. Yeah, I see you plastic bag.  You can’t hide from me.
  • Yet another set of broken ear phones. No one will fess up to it, but we all know that a certain cat eats plastic [2].  I’m just saying.
  • Broken plastic hair band. This one’s my fault.  As soon as I stepped on it I heard my mom’s voice: Hair bands don’t belong on the floor, do they?
  • Plastic lip balm container. I have about 3 more of these that I bought way back before June 2007.  Shows how often I use lip balm.  But once they are gone, I’ll switch to Organic Essence’s plastic-free lip balm tube [3].
  • Used up ballpoint pen. I mostly use pencils and a Lamy fountain pen [4], but I still find these around the house.

New plastic waste (3.5 oz):

  • Bottle of BalanceIT cat food supplement, cap, scoops, & foam insert. This is the supplement we go through every two months for our homemade cat food [5].  I’ve written to the company several times asking that they not include new scoops in the bottle, and I have yet to hear back from them.  Will have to make a phone call.
  • Plastic cap and threads from a glass bottle of cooking oil.
  • Plastic package label. This was from a product sent me for review, which will be coming up in a future post.
  • Plastic label from glass bottle of Dental Herb Company Tooth and Gum Tonic. I wrote about this product in my review of less plastic dental products [6].
  • Plastic neck seal from new bottle of tooth and gum tonic.
  • Plastic baggie from EcoDent dental floss. See above link.
  • Plastic insert from inside a cap. Sorry, I don’t remember what this is.
  • 4 plastic envelope windows.Learn about what plastic envelope windows [7] are made from.
  • 2 Frontline flea treatment vials. I wrote about the plastic-free natural flea treatment [8] dilemma last month.
  • Plastic package from new nut driver tool. If you are my Facebook friend [9], you know about the stinky dishwasher problem we faced last month.  The problem is solved, and I think I’m actually going to write a post about it this month because the issue is not completely unrelated to plastic.  But suffice it to say, we needed a tool we didn’t have to remove bolts on the dishwasher.  We debated borrowing a tool or looking for one used, but the situation was kind of dire, and we figured we will use this many more times, so we sprang for a new one.

Okay, hoping to get more sleep tonight, but not counting on it because I just received a very dangerous piece of information last night. Instead of waiting several days for each new Lost DVD to show up from Netflix (after cutting my subscription down to 2 at a time) I can watch them streaming online. Oh dear. Willpower, where are you?

And a warning: If you spoil my fun by telling me about the ending to the show Lost, I will hunt you down and… and… well, you’ll just see. I’ll be very mad. For real. Because so far, it’s awesome. Unlike the Sex and the City 2 movie I saw last night that made me so mad I wrote several big rants on Facebook [10] and will probably continue to rant about it for several more days. I’m nothing if not obsessive. And opinionated.

Still wanna be my friend? :-)

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