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June 22, 2010

Winner of Healthy Snacks to Go eBook


The contest is over, and the winner of the Healthy Snacks to Go eBook has been chosen!   If you didn’t have a chance to read about this book, please check out my original post.


Healthy Snacks to Go was created by Katie Kimball, a blogger friend of mine, and includes many snack recipes that can be made without plastic.

The eBook is very inexpensive ($6.95), and from now through tomorrow, Katie is offering a 25% discount to Fake Plastic Fish readers who use the offer code FPF25off.  You can  purchase the book here, and remember that you’ll be supporting me as well as Katie, since I’m a participant in her affiliate program.

And now, the winner of the Healthy Snacks to Go Digital Recipe book is…

Elizabeth Brunner.

Congratulations, Elizabeth!

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Pure Mothers
Pure Mothers

I just purchased the e book with your discount! Can't wait to make homemade wheat thins!

Elizabeth Brunner
Elizabeth Brunner

Very excited to win. Lots of interesting & original recipes!

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