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Facebook Plastic Crap Wall of Shame

Posted By Beth Terry On July 8, 2010 @ 1:21 pm In Direct Action,Plastic Packaging | 18 Comments

What are some of the worst examples of useless plastic crap you’ve seen? After my post about Le Froglet single-serving wine [1] and rant about single-servings in general, you guys posted a ton of other examples in the comments and also on the Fake Plastic Fish Facebook wall [2]. Inspired (and grossed out), I created a new Facebook page for us to vent our frustrations about the excesses of plastic we encounter:  The Plastic Crap Wall of Shame [3].  (http://facebook.com/UselessPlasticCrap [3])

Plastic Crap Wall of Shame

Inspiration came from Lisa Borden, who vented about individually-wrapped ice cubes [4] (oh yes, for real) and Vanessa Farmer, who ranted about individual plastic cupcake holders. Since I set up the page just a few days ago, people have posted disposable single serving baby bottles, Silly Bandz bracelets, Starbucks splash sticks, Shutter Shades, and a whole lot more.

I know what I usually say about Shame and Guilt… that they’re not helpful or productive. But sometimes you just need a place to vent. And then act!

The point of this wall is not just to feel smug and snarky (although smug and snarky feel good sometimes) but to actually do something about this crap. So that’s why I would ask that if you post something to the wall (and please do upload pictures and post links!) you try to include contact information for the company so we can send our emails or make our phone calls.

In fact, I just sent one today about Singlz single-serving wine that is actually WORSE than the Le Froglet wine I wrote about before because it’s a single-serve plastic bottle with a separate plastic glass thanks to a tip from FPF commenter M [5].  Here’s the email I sent, which I also posted to the Facebook wall:

To: tony@singlz.co.nz
Subject: Singlz concept

Hello Tony.

I noticed on your web site that you asked us to email you about the Singlz concept, so here are my thoughts.

Look around today. Climate change is heating up the planet. There is a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that grows larger every day. The ocean is filling up with plastic waste, killing animals and threatening the food we eat. Adding another single-use plastic product to the market, and one that comes not only in a single-serve plastic bottle but also a plastic glass, is misguided at best and completely irresponsible at worst.

Please rethink your concept. We need fewer single-serve plastic items, not more. We need companies that care about the environment and are working to find ways to reduce our environmental impact, not increase it. Forget your focus group studies. Please step up and do the right thing for people and the planet.


Beth Terry
Oakland, CA

This is not my wall. It belongs to anyone who wants to participate. Please get posting and writing. Rhonda de Felice just posted individually-wrapped pieces of sushi and wrote about it on her blog [6].  Hurry before it’s too late!

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