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Ellen DeGeneres Please Stop Promoting Bottled Water!

Posted By Beth Terry On August 4, 2010 @ 12:25 pm In Bottled Water,Letter Writing | 17 Comments

[1]I love Ellen, but I want her to dump her bottled water advertising contracts. Please join the new Facebook Group (appropriately named Tell Ellen Degeneres To Dump Bottled Water Advertising! [2]) created by Julie Borst of PlasticlessNYC [3] and tell Ellen that bottled water sucks.  Then, ask all your friends to join the group.

In addition to joining the group, check out Juli’s list of ways [4] to contact Ellen and make your voice heard.

Ellen is not the first celeb to promote bottled water. Jennifer Aniston’s been doing it for years. The Filtered Files, the blog from the air and water filter company Filter Fast, has a list of other celebs with bottled water contracts [5]. But Ellen’s support of Vitaminwater Zero is particularly disappointing to me because of her pro-environment, pro-animal lifestyle.

In fact, Ellen’s reasons for going vegan [6] are the same reasons she should shun bottled water:

1) Living a Cruelty-free Lifestyle

Eating meat is cruel to animals.  Plastic is also harmful to animals. Have you seen the photos of dead albatross chicks with their bellies full of plastic pieces? Do you know what many of those plastic pieces are? Bottle caps.

albatross eats plastic

2) Help the Environment

Farms used for meat and dairy production are sources of waste and air pollution. Plastic pollution is also a huge source of waste and environmental degradation. Plastic waste is filling up our oceans and entering the food chain. Recycling is not the answer as most plastic recycling is actually downcycling and does not stem the production of new virgin plastic. Plastic comes from oil. If we don’t cut our consumption of petroleum-based products, we are in for more catastrophes like the recent oil spill in the gulf. Extraction of water from communities is harmful to ecosystems and transportation of that water is another unnecessary source of greenhouse gas emissions.

3) Save Water

With drought conditions across the country, finding more water efficient ways to feed people are necessary. Meat takes more water to produce than grain. But likewise, in a drought, it’s incredibly irresponsible of the bottled water industry to extract water from communities that are suffering. According to the film Tapped, back in 2007 when Georgia and North Carolina were experiencing terrible droughts and citizens were severely restricted from using water, Coke and Pepsi kept right on extracting and bottling water from those communities. Eugene Brown of the Durham City Council tells Tapped filmmakers that Pepsi was drawing 400,000 gallons of water per day during the height of the drought, and lawmakers could not get them to stop.

What’s more, bottled water is bad for our health. It’s not as stringently regulated as municipal (tap) water, and chemicals from the plastic can leach into the water.

Let’s get Ellen to join the growing list of celebrities saying no to bottled water [7].  Join the Facebook Group [8] and add your voice.

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