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September 14, 2010

Come Out! The Plastic Pollution Coalition Wants You, and So Do I

09/29/2010 Udpate:  The winner of the PPC t-shirt is Danielle.  Congratulations!

Take the Plastic Pollution Coalition’s S.U.P.E.R. Hero Pledge to refuse single-use disposable plastics and/or come out to the Hooked On Plastic event at which I’ll be speaking this Thursday night, for a chance to WIN an ├╝ber stylish PPC t-shirt (see pictures below.) I took pictures of my boobs for you, people! And you can participate even if you’re not in the Bay Area.

To enter, do one of these things:

Hooked On Plastics

Hooked on PlasticThis Thursday evening, I’ll be joining Manuel Maqueda, co-founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, who travelled to Midway to witness the devastating impact of plastic pollution on the island’s eco-system and albatross population that live there, and activist artist Judith Selby who creates her pieces from the plastic trash that washes up on the beach in Northern California. We’ll be showing clips from several different plastic-related films, including Bag It: Is Your Life Too Plastic?, the latest film to shed light on the plastic problem and in which I make a brief appearance.

When: Thu, Sep 16 | 7pm – 9pm |
Where: Intersection 5M, 925 Mission Street at 5th Street, SF
Price: $5-$15. Free for Intersection members
Phone: (415) 626-2787 x109

PPC S.U.P.E.R. Hero Pledge

The Plastic Pollution Coalition is bringing together environmental organizations, activists, celebrities, and other influencers and decision-makers to counteract the messages propagated by the deep pockets of the plastics industry. In particular, they want us to refuse single-use disposable plastics, and you can start by taking the pledge.

Subscribe or Follow on Facebook & Twitter

If you’ve already taken the pledge, how about subscribing to PPC updates or following on Facebook or Twitter?

The Shirts

Leave a comment below letting me know what actions you took for a chance to win a tshirt advertising your commitment to get disposable plastics out of your life. Or go ahead and buy a PPC shirt (Plastic Is Washed Up or ReThink), PPC Water Bottle, or any other item from (a great company that has never bought new packing material), and support Fake Plastic Fish! As an affiliate of BuyGreen, Fake Plastic Fish earns a (very) small percentage of sales through this site.

And now, here are my boobs the shirts:


plastic pollution coalition tshirt

14 Responses to “Come Out! The Plastic Pollution Coalition Wants You, and So Do I”

  1. ODog says:

    One way to avoid single use plastics that I’ve never seen mentioned is declining straws and lids for drinks. I would estimate 95% of restaurants AUTOMATICALLY give you a straw when you order a drink. Occasionally, the waitress will just put the unopened straw on the table, which makes it easy not to use and for the staff to just–hopefully–use for someone else. But usually they serve you the drink with an unwrapped (or top of the wrapper left on) straw already in your drink. In my experience, ordering a Coke and saying, “I don’t need a straw with that” yields a success-rate of about 45%. That’s how ingrained the “give everyone a straw” mentality is with service-industry personnel in our country. But eliminating straw use 45% of the time is better than 0% and, who knows, perhaps hearing it from enough customers may trigger something in the minds of restaurant workers to keep the straw machine from being on auto-pilot.

    As for lids on drinks, fast food joints that have their soft drink machines behind the counter will automatically just lid you right up, regardless of whether you’re dining in. Make it a point to say, “I don’t need a lid with that drink” and you’ll again get my unscientific 45% guesstimate success rate. But hey, give it a shot, and maybe eventually it’ll sink in that plastics like these are rarely necessary. I’m sure most of you already go out of your way to fend off things like straws and lids in day-to-day life, but I thought I’d mention it just in case!

  2. celia says:

    I am so impressed with all this anti-plastic brainstorming! Congrats on making yogurt. I must start doing that again. It’s been 30 years!
    This morning I paid a visit to UCSD which has been named #15 on the list of green universities in the country by The Sierra Club Magazine. Sorry, I graduated from there, but sadly they are far from the mark. I couldn’t find a drinking fountain anywhere! I walked and walked all over this huge campus. Most of the kids I saw, all these bright kids who are the hope of the future, drinking from PET bottles. I was promoting Jack Johnson’s concert. Very few people even knew who he is! Yikes! I was shocked. Gotta go authentically green and gotta love good music!! Rock on plastic-free!

  3. Paul says:

    Went to see JB at the Beacon last week. I got his message about plastic and did my research. I’m all in … we got our stainless steel water bottles and reusable towels that replace 300 rolls of paper towels. We keep 10 reusable shopping bags in the car now.

    My big worry is what do I do with all the plastic bowls and restaurant take out containers in our closet … Idon’t want to recycle for fear they will wind up in the ocean

  4. claire says:

    considering I do this already, I took the pledge. do I need a t-shirt? probably not, but I’d be glad to spread awareness about plastic pollution by wearing one. the part of me that examines everything and anything for plastic wants to make note that the silk screen (and probably the tag too) on the t-shirt is likely made of plastic.

  5. Danielle says:

    Ok… so here it is… I’m totally doing it…. I’m nervous… I’m excited… it’s going to be AWESOME!!

  6. Danielle says:

    Beth… sure thing. :) I was going to do the “Show Your Plastic Challenge” awhile back… but decided against it….only because based on eliminating the majority of our trash I know exactly what I need to change… however, I’m feeling the need to prove (and show) that I DO have unnecessary waste at my house… and that it’s (hopefully) really not that hard to eliminate it. (Our 3 kids will be the true test of this for our family!)

    Which by the way, I’ll go ahead and share my first discovery/ victory today at the Farmers Market… I buy feta and chevre at the FM… normally he sells them in plastic containers or wrapped in plastic…. so I told him my plans (and we talked about plastics.. he buys his containers by the 1000’s and they’re wrapped in plastic!!) Then…he told me to bring my own container (glass jar) and to call his wife and let her know what I want!! AND… he said, “I wish more people would do that.” I’m so stoked to do this!!

    And on a side note, I had written a local ocean front restaurant about restaurant litter on the beach… I got a call from the general manager this afternoon and after a great conversation she said that if I know of any products that they could switch to (I mentioned that they should get rid of straws and such… esp. on the pier)… that they would definitely be interested… and they want to work together. I LOVE local businesses. Know of any awesome products or companies to recommend??

  7. Rebecca says:

    Regarding the yogurt…

    At first I tried putting the jar of yogurt-to-be in a thermos of warm water, but it didn’t keep it warm enough. Now I’m putting the jar in a whole cooler full of warm water and that did the trick. I think there just wasn’t enough thermal mass of water in the small thermos for it to maintain its temperature.

    So my process now is: scald the milk in a double boiler (just put the milk in a mason jar and submerge the mason jar in boiling water.) Watch it like a hawk, and stir constantly until it reaches 185F (85C). Then put the jar of milk into a bath of cool water and cool it down to 110-115F. Then add the culture (generally I just use a spoonful or two from the last batch). Then put the jar into a cooler full of warm water (about 115F) and stick the cooler in the closet next to the chimney for the hot water heater (warmest spot in the house). Let it sit for 8-10 hours and voila! The only problem left is remembering that it’s in there! One time I forgot and let it culture for 20 hours. I thought it would have gone bad but it didn’t, it was just a bit more tart than usual. I hate to imagine the science experiment if I forgot it for several days though!

    It’s MUCH cheaper than store bought yogurt, tastes better, there’s no plastic, and it lets me use up all of the extra milk! (The dairy milk comes in half gallon glass jars, and it’s only lightly pasteurized, not ultra-pasteurized like the stuff you get in the grocery store, so it only lasts for a week, and there’s no way I can drink a half gallon of milk in a week!)

  8. Beth Terry says:

    Hey Danielle, that’s cool. If you do collect your plastic waste for the week before, would you be up for posting it to the “Show Your Plastic Challenge” page? A before and after would be really inspiring!

    Denise, I love that you are doing 2 ideas per month. Are you posting these somewhere?

    Debra, hope to see you tomorrow night!

    Rebecca, what are you using to keep the temperature steady? The few times I’ve made yogurt, I found that a Thermos worked really well.

    Isabel, contact PPC! They aspire to be a worldwide organization.

    Tracey, you rock.

  9. Debra Baida says:

    I signed, I Facebooked, I’m fully on board. (But you knew that before “the pledge” ; )
    If I finish with a client in time, I’ll be sure to swing by the even tomorrow night!

  10. Danielle says:

    I signed the pledge… although that’s already happened… who knew I was on my way to being a superhero!! ;) Following on FB… (don’t tweet)

    BUT… here’s what I’m planning… the week of Sept 26… I’m wanting to buy NO foods in plastic…. A couple of years ago, we were able to eliminate our trash service…and the ONLY trash that we do have is mostly plastic packaging from food that can’t even be recycled. I’ve wanted to do this for years…. but somehow there is a “fear”… and it could be that we’re a family of 5… don’t have a Whole Foods and kids can be pretty darn selective in what they eat. BUT… it’s in my brain… it’s festering… so I know that I’m going to do it… AND, I may have my mom talked into doing it with me (however, she does have a Whole Foods… jealous!!)

    I’m planning on keeping track of all my plastic waste the week before… and then seeing how much less plastic waste we produce just by avoiding ALL foods in plastic… that even means the little plastic screens in pasta boxes.

    I want to do this… and I want to make it lasting…

    Any advice would be much appreciated…

  11. Denise Yribarren says:

    Hi! My efforts are not original in avoiding plastics but I do have a plan. I have a goal of 24 ideas to live in a more conscientious fashion. I practice 2 ideas a month so I won’t be too overwhelmed. Examples: fazing out tupperware and slowly replacing it with glass containers. My biggest victory was searching thrift shops and purchasing large mason jars for grains, dried beans etc. I am also taking homemade fabric bags to the market for veggies, fruits etc. Most of the checkers have not minded weighing the produce even with the thin fabric bags. I was humbly pleased when one cashier commented that she wished more folks would bring in produce bags. I also make my own shampoo with baking soda and warm water to there is no plastic bottle involved….If more people wore the “life without plastic ” t-shirts, it certainly would generate some interesting discussions!

  12. Rebecca says:

    Well, I fear I’m no super-hero. But you have motivated me to take great strides toward reducing my plastic waste. This summer I’ve started bringing all of my own re-usable produce bags and bulk foods containers, and buying my milk from a local dairy in returnable glass bottles. My latest success was learning to make my own yogurt. It took several disaster attempts, but I finally got it to work. Woo Hoo! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. P.P.C. is fantastic and I’d love to get more involved, but being stuck at the far southern end of the U.K. is a bit of a problem! Does the P.P.C. have a U.K. arm? If not, perhaps there is something I could do to try and set up a U.K. branch?

  14. Tracey says:

    I took the pledge, put it up on my blog/website and tweeted it! I dig the Plastic Is Washed Up T-shirt.

    Love & RRRevolution, Tracey